Things T. Swift Loves Almost As Much as New York

Taylor Swift is continuing her domination of well, EVERYTHING, fresh off the release of 1989 on Monday. She has been hitting the promotional tour real hard, and spending a lot of time in her new favorite place in the world, New York City. Although much of 1989 has been inspired by ex-boyfriends, girl friends, and messages to the haters, Swift's opening track,"Welcome to New York," seems to best represent her evolution as an artist and woman. The singer was recently named New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador, and I can't think of anyone more in love with NYC than her at the moment. Taylor Swift's love of New York is really admirable since this week I got locked out of my apartment and lost my metro card and it was really terrible. But I digress...

Swift made an appearance Tuesday night on The Late Show and she was keen on sharing how she thinks New York is "the greatest place ever." She seemed very self-aware of how she must sound, especially after many people have criticized her qualifications as an "ambassador" for a city she's only lived in for six months, but to be honest, I think we all need a wide-eyed newcomer to help us remember that New York City is the best place on Earth.

Swift explained to David Letterman how she always brings up New York in interviews saying,

I guess the city picked up on that. They're like, "She's the most enthusiastic, obnoxious person to ever love New York. She loves it with like 18 exclamation points afterward, underlined."

So yeah, at this point we all know that Swfit really, really loves New York and in her own words, "when I love something, I'm very, very vocal about it." So what else do we know she enthusiastically loves based on how vocal she is?

Her Girlfriends

Although the beginning of her career was so focused on her failed romantic relationships, the past few years have seen Swift really surrounding herself with strong, female relationships. Of course, her friends are teenage, songwriting geniuses (Lorde), Emmy award-winners (Lena Dunham) and Victoria Secret super models (Karlie Kloss), but they do all the things girlfriends love to do together like road trips, bedroom karaoke sessions, dressing up, having wine nights, and all those beautiful things that make women the best. Her friendship with Ed Sheeran makes an honorable mention because they're just oh so sweet and talented together.

Her cats, Olivia Benson & Meredith Grey

Taylor Swift is a self professed cat lady and so am I, so I think we should definitely be friends. She has made no secret of her absolute obsession with her two adorable kitties, who have even gained their own following. A look through Swift's Instagram and Twitter and you can't escape photos of Meredith and Olivia, which gives me comfort in my own cat-ladyness. (I try to follow the "one cat pic a week" rule, to no avail.)

Dancing "like no one's watching" at awards shows/concerts

It's kind of become a custom now that at any entertainment or music awards show, you can expect Swift somewhere near the front row, shimmying awkwardly but proudly. Whether she's got perfect rhythm or not, she truly captures the essence of "Shake It Off" by watching her favorite artists and just having FUN!

Her Fans

You would be hard-pressed to find any musician who is as devoted to her fans as Taylor Swift. To promote 1989, Swift held "1989 Secret Sessions" at each of her homes and invited 89 fans to come and hang out with her and listen to the album. Swift was incredibly welcoming, baking them chocolate chip cookies, letting fans hold her Grammys, and even taking photos with her cats (when they were being social). She also recently took to Twitter to post photos of fans with her album under the hashtag #taylurking, giving them a special shout out. Just tell me another artist that would even DREAM about doing this for her millions of fans?

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