5 Reasons Iggy & T. Swift Need to Collaborate ASAP

If you haven't stopped listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 since it debuted in October (ahem, guilty!), you're not the only one who can't get those songs out of your head. In fact, another famous singer confessed to being a huge T. Swift fan. After Jingle Ball this weekend, Iggy Azalea tweeted about her "Shake It Off" obsession by writing, "can't get shake it off out of my head after hearing it tonight at jingle ball." Swift retweeted the message, which to me, looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. And hey, if there's anyone who knows how to have a good friendship, it's definitely Swift.

Think about it: How amazing would a Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea collaboration be? Considering both women are nominated for "Record of the Year" at this year's Grammys, they obviously have the skill set to produce a catchy track. On top of that, Iggy raked in four Grammy noms total and Tay earned three herself. So between them, that's seven nominations. Impressive! This pretty much means any song between them is guaranteed to shoot to the top of the charts.

In case you're not convinced that these blondes should hit the studio together immediately, I've rounded up a list of reasons that a Swift/Azalea song needs to happen, like now.

They Have a Sense of Humor

When it comes to haters, they both know how to "Shake It Off." They don't take themselves too seriously and know how to make a joke. This means a track they make would be super clever. "Blank Space" mocks the ridiculous reputation Taylor has as the love-sick crazy girl, meanwhile Iggy didn't let insults from Snoop Dogg make her feel bad about her appearance. Yup, I'm talking about how she dressed up as a character from White Chicks for Halloween after Snoop said she resembled a Wayans brother.

The Music Video Would Be Amazing

I already referenced Swift's "Blank Space" (which was a genius video), but can we take a moment to appreciate "Fancy"? Iggy brought back everyone's Clueless obsession when she made that vid. That means whatever they make together would be worth watching, for sure.

Technically, They Can Both Rap

Sure, it may be Iggy's specialty, but there was that time T Swizzle rapped with T Pain back in 2009. Never forget. I'm sure she could bring those skills back.

Iggy is the Queen of Collaborations

Um, she earned a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group performance for "Fancy." Need I say more? Well, if I must, "Problem" with Ariana Grande was a mega hit too. Oh, and can't forget about "Black Widow" with Rita Ora.

Both Are Friends With Ariana

Wait, an even better idea? A song with Azalea, Swift, and Ariana Grande. We already know Grande and Azalea have a history, but did you know Tay and Ari recently became friends too? After performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the two posed together on Insta, aka perfect proof these three would make the girl-power anthem of the century.

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