Are Katy Perry & John Mayer Back Together? Not in the Way That You Think

When celebrities break up, sometimes it's as sad as if you knew the couple in real life. If your heart shattered into a million pieces when Katy Perry and John Mayer split last February, I've got some comforting news. Reportedly Katy Perry and John Mayer reunited at a dinner party over the weekend. Since it was a friend's party, it's quite the opposite of a romantic, candlelit dinner between the two of them. In other words, I don't think this means they're getting back together any time soon! Still, it's nice to hear that they're on good terms — or at least good enough terms where they can hang out in the same room and not claw each other's eyes out.

Instead of chaos ensuing, things were totally casual. According to E! News, "The two seemed pretty mellow, relaxed and super friendly with each other." But does this mean Katy Perry and Diplo are donezo? Nope! Another source told E! that "they are still a couple and very much all about each other." So unfortunately there's no Katy/John reunion happening, at least not for now. (And plus, it's great that Perry and Diplo are so happy together!)

Catching up with an ex is undeniably awkward, but I'm sure Perry and Mayer handled it like champs. Here are a few potential conversation topics I imagine happened when these two reunited:

T. Swift Songs

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What an icebreaker! There's "Dear John" — an undeniable reference to John Mayer. And "Bad Blood"? This song from 1989 is rumored to be a reference to Katy Perry. I bet these two bonded about how simultaneously flattering yet insulting it must be to be the subject of a Swift song.

Katy's Halloween Costume

Sure, it's months later, but Katy Perry's Cheetos costume goes down in history as one of the best of all time. Her not-at-all-cheesy outfit was amazing! She should wear it every year.


Recently Mayer posted an overly Photoshopped Instagram and it sparked conversation about whether he was making a commentary about people's overuse of editing tools. Maybe it'd spark a debate and Perry would weigh in about her thoughts on Instagram filters.

Their Memorable Music Video

Could you imagine if they decided to sing their song "Who You Love" at karaoke together? That's pretty unlikely. But I imagine they could've talked about the music video and all its slow-motion mechanical bull riding. That was, uhhh, interesting! They'd probably get a good laugh out of it now.

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