Lily Collins & Chris Evans Are Dating & Here's Why They're Hollywood's Best New Couple

The Oscars is undeniably one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. Celebrating the year's best in movies, the award show is filled with the greatest gowns and acceptance speeches around. While it brought together actors, directors, and producers, it also may have led to a new love match. According to Us Weekly, Lily Collins and Chris Evans are dating after meeting at Vanity Fair's Oscars after party in February.

Sure, it's only been about a month, but that doesn't mean things aren't going well. If anything, this new couple seems to have a ton of potential. An inside source told Us Weekly, "It's just the beginning stages. But they're having a lot of fun and seeing where it goes." Seeing where it goes sounds great!

Initially Evans, 33, and Collins, 25, may seem like an unexpected match, but when you really think about it, they're PERFECT for each other. Allow me to explain why! These two have way more in common than you would think.

Here's a list of four reasons Lily Collins and Chris Evans make a great couple... and why they have potential to be your new favorite celebrity couple. (Sorry, Kimye! You've got some serious competition.)

They Grew Up In The Spotlight

As you may know, Lily's dad Phil Collins is a famous singer. This means she's been in the public eye since birth. Meanwhile Evans starred in Not Another Teen Movie back in 2001, so he's been in Hollywood for 14 years himself. Since they've each got more than a decade of time spent in the spotlight, they both understand the lifestyle pretty well.

Yet They're Still Down To Earth

Recently Chris Evans visited the Seattle Children's Hospital dressed in his Captain America outfit, along with pal Chris Pratt. Besides that, Evans is a total gentleman. Similarly, Collins remains extremely level-headed. Collins balances movie roles with modeling gigs, yet she doesn't act like a diva at all. She even lets fans touch her famous eyebrows. (Strange, but true!)

They Have Super-Human Powers (Sort of!)

Another similarity? They both play superheroes on screen. Evans is best-known for his role as Captain America. But Collins plays a super-human in her own right in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones , where she learns she's a descendent of a group of warriors who defend the world from demons. This means (hypothetically, of course) they can rescue each other whenever necessary.

They're Adorable Together

Just in case you need one more reason why this couple works: They look adorable together. Seriously, could you think of a better-looking couple?! Nope, me neither.

Now all that's left to do is decide is their couple name. How about Lilvans? Chrily? Lilris Colvans? None of those sound quite right... But luckily, it's still early on, so we've got time to figure this out!

Images: Giphy (2), Getty Images