10 Best Moments From The 'SNL' Hillary Clinton Campaign Announcement Sketch, Because Of Course There Was A Bill Cameo

While Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her presidential candidacy on Sunday, Saturday Night Live decided to beat her to it... sort of. In typical SNL style (aka hilariously smart), Kate McKinnon nailed her Hillary Clinton impression as she opened Saturday's show with a skit imagining the moments leading up to the big announcement. If you thought McKinnon's Justin Bieber impression was impressive, just wait 'til you see her Hillary. From the blue power suit to stiffly laughing at her own jokes, every aspect was perfect. As her assistant Christina (played by Vanessa Bayer) says, she puts the "Hill-" in "hilarious."

Plenty of previous SNL cast members have played Hillary Clinton (including the ever-awesome Amy Poehler) and McKinnon is a worthy addition to the list. Sure, Tina Fey's Sarah Palin will probably go down in history as the show's best politician impression, but this one seems equally promising and may fill the void left ever since Fey declared, "I can see Russia from my house."

Even though you NEED to watch the full video, I've rounded up the sketch's best moments. Because of course there was a Bill Clinton cameo, and of course it was played by SNL vet Darrell Hammond.

Here are the highlights:

Hillary's Lack of Nerves

Do you think Hillary would be scared for such a big moment? Nah, not at all. She feigns nervousness before nonchalantly saying, "Let's do this."

The Power Suit

When Hill's assistant encourages her to make the video more "personal and intimate," Hillary takes off her jacket... only to reveal the same exact jacket underneath.

Vocal Warm-ups

To prep for her video, Hillary completes a series of vocal exercises, including a little song about being a granny (a role we know she loves). Then, she repeats, "first female president," before singing, "Me, me, me, me, me."

Filming A Selfie Video

Christina advises, "You may want to soften a little more... Maybe a lot more." Then after softening her face, Hillary says, "Citizens, you will elect me. I will be your leader."

Joking About The Email Incident

After Christina says something about deleting the bad video attempts off her phone, Hillz jokes, "You know a thing or two about that, huh?" An obvious reference to that whole personal email address scandal.

Bill Clinton Cameo

"Did someone say 'women everywhere'?" And with those words, the potential "first dude" appears to steal his wife's thunder and make some inappropriate jokes. Hillary asks the camera, "Aren't we such a fun, approachable dynasty?"

Laughing At Her Competition

With some encouragement to be more humble, Hillary tries to acknowledge her competition before laughing and saying Martin O'Malley "sounds like a Simpsons character."

Discussing Her VP

Bill declares that he'll serve as Vice President and take over if "god forbid" something happened. Hillary dismisses him, saying, "He's joking, America. My vice president, of course, will be me."

Bill & His Saxophone

Some things never change, huh? Bill appears behind Hillary, playing the saxophone. Very clearly trying to steal her thunder.

"The Clintons Are Back"

Wrapping up the video, Hillary says it will be a brand-new White House. Then declares, "Who am I kidding? Buckle up, America, because the Clintons are back!"

To see the greatness for yourself, watch the full video:

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Images: NBC