Wearing Metallic Tattoos On Your Face Outside Of A Music Festival Turned Out To Be Pretty Acceptable

Being a self-proclaimed trendaholic, I'm pretty used to putting my guinea pig–testing skills to action. So when the notion of putting metallic tattoos on my face came along, I was more than ready to get a little creative. Like genius hair charms that dress up drab locks with gorgeous rhinestone jewels, glittery tattoos have come headfirst into the beauty sphere, taking the concept of temporary body art to a whole new sparkly level.

Temporary tattoos usually have me thinking of 25 cent tattoos you'd get out of a vending machine at the bowling alley, but today's are more like stunning body jewelry. Trust me, just one glance at the #flashtattoo hashtag on Instagram will have you crazy in love. This sparkling ink can be worn in a variety of ways, but most of the time users dress up their arms and legs with cuff-like designs. If you're at a music festival, however, those babies are going all over your face. Since festival season is almost over, I decided to give this look a go in the real world to see if those face tats could possibly last beyond the summertime. Feeling like someone straight out of a Free People photo shoot, here's what happened when I got a little crafty with these trendy tats.

The Prep

Thanks to Lulu Dk, my metallic tattoo dreams could easily become a reality. Although this set is probably better suited for body tattoos ( I had fun slapping on these designs onto my legs), cutting out patterns and shapes for my face wasn't too hard of a task.

To get the best shape possible, just use a small cosmetic scissor to carefully trim around the edges.

The Application

Like most temporary tattoos I've used before, the application part isn't too hard. Once you've cut out your desired shape, you'll simply want to place the tattoo onto a dry, product-free face, with the sticky side facing towards the skin. Then dab a damp washcloth, tissue, or paper towel onto the paper part of the tattoo and press on for at least 30 seconds.

I know you'll be eager to see the final look, but waiting the full 30 seconds usually guarantees better results. This tip comes especially handy when it comes to applying on the larger tattoos.

The Results

I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to beauty looks, so I was instantly won over by these gorgeous designs. Although they were probably better suited for bodily use, it was fun to grab some scissors and make an arts and crafts project out of it. Just don't be alarmed if you find yourself taking 200 selfies in the process.

In Real Time

Sure, metallic tattoos look great on social media, but I was more than curious to see how this trend held up in real time. Deciding to give my errands style an upgrade, I headed out to my local strip mall to see if my tats would garner some sort of reaction. Plus, it always gives me an excuse to supply my iced green tea addiction too.

At the grocery store, I'll admit that my on-trend look didn't get any sort reaction. Even after strolling around for an hour, I definitely got a few glances, but most people were too focused on their own kids or shopping lists to really care. Most of the glances seemed to come from children, perhaps they're wondering what carnival I just came from.

Next stop was at my local Mandee. While this store is more on the trendy side, my fashion-forward look didn't seem to amuse anyone like I thought it might. I even tried walking past the cashier a few times in hopes I'd get some sort of reaction. Nothin'.

Finally, my last stop brought me to Panera which is probably the busiest place I visited. I thought at least here someone would notice, but again, I was completely wrong. Maybe it's the in-and-out nature of most chain restaurants, but most people didn't really seem to acknowledge my tattoos here either. While I got glances from some customers, it really wasn't more than I'm used to.

The Removal

Since these tattoos are meant to last through an entire weekend of dancing, the removal after just one day of wear was a bit tough. I used a combo of a facial scrub and makeup-removing oil a couple times before I was able to get all the sparkly remnants off my face. Again, I think this is a good sign if you're planning on wearing them to multiple summer events!

Should You Give It A Shot?

Sure! If you are into fun and exciting trends, flash tattoos are definitely a viable option for a chic, one-time look. And although most people dress up their bodies with these come-hither designs, wearing these tats on your face equally gives off that sexy festival vibe. Apparently, people outside of festivals won't care much about you wearing them on your face either. Obviously, I got a bit enthusiastic with my number of tats, but you could always stick to a single star or pair of chevron prints for everyday wear. Removal can be somewhat difficult, but it's all worth it to feel like a sparkle queen for the day.

Images: Courtney Leiva (6)