The 16 Sultriest Cherry Perfumes, From Tom Ford Lost Cherry To Snif Tart Deco

Fragrances to match your cherry cola lips.

Here are the best cherry perfumes for fall 2023, from Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume To Snif's Tart De...
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Sweet and playful cherry motifs defined the summer of 2023, with both Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian Barker opting for adorable micro cherry nails.

In fact, searches for items in the bright red hue have been on the rise ever since a newly-pregnant Rihanna wore the color during her Superbowl performance. Now summer has ended, we’re seeing a sexier and grungier take on the motif for fall — especially when it comes to new beauty and fragrance releases.

“Cherries go back to ancient civilization in Egypt,” Barb Stegemann, founder of The 7 Virtues, tells Bustle. “Cherries were thought to be an enhancer for fertility and beauty.”

We’ve already seen sensual “cherry coke” hair hues and “cherry cola lips” emerge as beauty trends this year, but now the cherry-craze is coming for your fragrance cabinet.

As well as representing feminine sensuality, the scent offers balanced harmony between warm gourmand notes and florals (like smooth sandalwood, creamy vanilla, or romantic rose), says Stegemann. What’s more, the sumptuous ingredient can be expressed in both sweet and bitter ways, depending on the overall formulation of the fragrance.

Below, find 16 cherry-filled fragrances — from Tom Ford’s luxurious Lost Cherry perfume to the newest drop from The 7 Virtues — to take you through fall 2023 and beyond.

Stegemann enlisted the help of Sephora’s beauty advisors (400 of them, to be exact) for the creation of Cherry Ambition. “While sitting with my chemists in London, I mentioned that the beauty advisors told me to be careful not to let our cherry go into ‘cough syrup land,’” she says. “Our chemists revealed the solution is plum.”

The perfume’s juicy plum note brings out what Stegemann calls a “true cherry” aroma, resulting in a sensual and spiced fragrance that also features the essences of heated saffron, vibrant pink pepper, sugared vanilla, and smoky woods.

Akin to near-black cherries drenched in an almond liquor, Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is filled with notes of creamy almond, resinous Tonka, and a bouquet of jasmine and roses.

Filled with juicy vibrancy by way of burning cherries and rich raspberries, Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48 from Kayali is both woody and warm. Balsam gives off spicy vibes, while patchouli and palo santo lend a smokiness that’s earthy and eau so sensual.

Sophisticated and warm, Snif’s Tart Deco is defined by juicy red fruits, earthy vetiver, yummy vanilla, and a forest of warm woods.

Not Another Cherry is where the lushness of bursting wild cherries meets the softness of rose petals and the buzz of almond amaretto.

Inspired by steamy nights spent dancing in Havana, Cuba, DARE Cherry Stiletto smells of Cuban cherries, sweet lychee, full-bodied peony, and worn leather.

Creamy and bright, Bombshell Intense smells of bursting cherries, vibrant red peonies, and intoxicating vanilla.

Housed in a luxurious stiletto bottle that stuns on any vanity, Carolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl Glam sparkles with the scents of cherry, almond, rose, vetiver, and vanilla bourbon.

A feminine fragrance that’s just as refreshing as it is sultry, Ruby Rush features notes of cherry, whipped cream, hibiscus, dahlia petals, and vanilla musk.

Richly decadent and warm, Cherry Oud smells just as it sounds, pairing the sultry combination of cherry notes with the aromas of roses and woods.

Almond is salty and tart, as the scents of cherry, Tonka, and sandalwood linger on skin.

A seriously spicy scent, Floral Street’s Black Lotus houses the aromas of honeyed rose petals, red peppercorn, exotic saffron, and worn papyrus.

A luxurious addition to any fragrance wardrobe, Rouge Trafalgar is all things juicy and vibrant. As for the specific notes? Red berries, mandarin, violet leaf, and patchouli round out this decadent formula.

A less expensive dupe for Tom Ford’s high-end Lost Cherry perfume, Ambery Cherry is brimming with notes of almond, cinnamon, rose, plum, and balsam.

A fragrance that lends itself to layering and literally smells like a nostalgic treat, Chocolate Covered Cherries can be worn alone, or beneath any of your favorite scents for some added depth and long-lastingness.

A warm floral perfume, Jimmy Choo’s I Want Choo Forever is filled with the aroma of dewy rose petals and earthy moss drenched in black cherry liquor.