Summer 2024’s Biggest Makeup Trends Are Unexpected, But So Glam

The trend report is in.

More often than not, the sun-drenched days of summer call for a “less is more” approach to all things beauty. And while that’s certainly true for summer 2024, there are a few makeup trends on the rise that might surprise you...

“Summer will have a huge focus on the ‘party girl’ aesthetic,” says David Birdwell, BUXOM’s executive director of global education and artistry. This revival of ‘night out’ glam looks will usher in the use of more out-there colors, like “bright blue eyeshadow,” for one.

ICYMI, the girlies are obsessed with vibrant aqua and cool-toned eyeshadow pigments — a total departure from last year’s bronzed “latte makeup” obsession. That said, the bare-faced-but-not summer look is still decidedly in.

“For summer 2024, the overall makeup vibe is still very much blush-y, lots of freckles, and a dewy ‘pearl skin’ base,” says Emily Gray, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with stars like Kristin Cavallari and Maren Morris. In other words? Radiant, glowing skin is *always* the move.

If you’re in need of some makeup inspo ahead of sweet summertime, here are the biggest makeup trends to watch, as shared by the experts.

“Berry Girl” Makeup

Stars like Sydney Sweeney have been obsessed with “berry girl” makeup in recent months — and both Birdwell and Gray agree the look will continue to thrive throughout the summer.

“Monochromatic mauves and berries are such a complimentary tone that flatters all skin tones,” says Birdwell. He recommends using BUXOM’s Full-On Plumping Lip Polish in ‘Dolly’ to get the look. “‘Dolly’ is the best universal pinky-mauve gloss. It also has a matching lip liner, and eyeliner to create a monochromatic mauve look.”

Gray echoes this sentiment, noting that multi-tasking products work best to create monochromatic “berry girl” moments. “One unexpected makeup trend that I have been seeing is monochromatic makeup using only a lipstick as bronzer, blush, on the eyes, and lips.” says Gray. “Monochromatic makeup looks beautiful and cohesive, great for people traveling, too.”

Sirencore “Pearl Skin”

Summer wouldn’t be complete without at least one mermaid-inspired trend — and this season, it’s all about otherworldly “pearl skin.”

“The ‘pearl skin’ trend is a makeup base style using reflective, almost metallic highlighters in both powder, liquid, and cream formulas, to highlight the high points of the face,” says Gray. “It’s not ‘glowy’ or necessarily ‘dewy,’ but reflective, bright, and has a pearl-like finish.”

As for an effortless way to nail the look, the Danessa Myricks Beauty Hyper Radiant Liquid Highlighter in “Femme” ($20) has an ethereal lilac undertone that looks looks stunning on the skin.

Faux Freckles

Emily Ratajkowski previously told Bustle that she feels her best with a heavy dose of faux freckles — and this summer, the beauty girlies will follow.

Freckle pens are a favorite trend of mine,” says Gray. “Faux freckles add just the perfect amount of youthfulness to the skin, and I just love them across the nose.”

Real Cool Tones

While bronze tones will forever be a summertime staple, for 2024, they’re taking a cool-toned turn.

“I’m loving cool-toned nudes for lip liners and gloss,” says Birdwell. “Also effortless smoky eyes using one or two shadows, because it has a ‘less is more’ approach [with] a sexy edge to it.”

Makeup by Mario recently launched their Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette ($50) with cool-toned essentials, ICYWW.

“Cinnamon Girl” Lips

In recent months, “cinnamon spice girl” makeup has been having a main character moment. That same warm-toned, terracotta obsession will continue, chiefly by way of lip colors.

“2024 is going to be the summer of lips,” says Etienne Ortega, a celeb-loved makeup artist for Lana Del Rey, Christina Aguilera, and more. “Nude lips are a timeless staple in my world and one of my current favorites is ‘Cinnamon Girl’.” The lip liner was created by Ortega himself, with Del Rey as his inspiration.

Ocean Eyes

Artists like Camila Cabello are ushering in a new era of aqua blue eyes in tandem with a gritty, early 2000s party girl aesthetic. And she isn’t the only one wearing the bold eye color.

“Aside from the major cool tone movement happening in beauty, I think we’ll see some ocean blues for eyes,” says Birdwell. While Cabello most recently adorned her lids with a fully-opaque blue color at Coachella, Birdwell predicts that sheer washes of blue will be a summertime staple.

Love Of Lip Oils

For summer ’24, the easiest lip look is undoubtedly a lip oil, which offers the hydration of a lip treatment and the high-shine of a gloss.

“I cannot get enough of lip oils — they are perfect for daily wear and keep lips luscious and hydrated,” says Gray. In particular, she’s into strawberry-inspired red and pink-tinted shades, like e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Glow Reviver Lip Oil in “Red Delicious” ($8) or the Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil in “Strawberry Sorbet” ($28).

Pretty Sunburnt Blush

Blush will never go out of style — though how it’s used has been rapidly evolving. “Along with freckles, I love the sunburnt blush look across the cheeks and nose,” says Gray. “Vibrant colors really stand out beautifully in the summer against tans.”

As for her fave blush shades, she prefers the Catrice Blush Affair Liquid Blush in “Pink Feelings” ($6) for a bright pink, as well as NUDESTIX’s Nudies Matte Cream Bronzer in “Sunkissed” ($35) for a more peach-toned pick. Ortega, on the other hand, chooses Youthforia’s BYO Blush Oils ($36) for a bright tint.