10 Websites About True Crime For People Who Have Read Every Book & Listened To Every Podcast

In recent years, there has been a rise in true crime content across platforms, but even the explosion of new TV shows, books, and podcasts can't seem to keep up with many people's insatiable interest in the macabre. If you, like so many other murder-obsessed, have run out of episodes of Dear John, read through your crime TBR pile, and binge-watched ever Netflix docu-series about serial killers, you can still turn to these websites all true crime readers should bookmark.

If you're fascinated with true crime, there is no shortage of places you can turn to scratch that morbid itch. From Dateline NBC to Cold Case Files on A&E, just about every major network has at least one show dedicated to it, and streaming services like Netflix are are churning out one true crime program after another. Some of the most popular podcasts, including My Favorite Murder and Crimetown, revolve around serial killers, unsolved mysteries, and criminal activity. As a bibliophile, you probably already know about a lot the fascinating true crime books published every year, including Michelle McNamara's true crime bestseller I'll Be Gone in the Dark, which was just recently acquired by HBO for a planned docu-series, but that doesn't mean you're not still on the lookout for more great and chilling reads.

If your nightstand is piled with murderous memoirs, if your iTunes library is filled with criminal podcasts, if your Netflix queue consists entirely of cold case documentaries, then you're going to want to bookmark these 11 websites that are perfect for true crime readers.

The Lineup

If you love all things true crime, you better bookmark The Lineup, the best place on the internet to find "The Web's Creepiest Tales." Featuring in-depth stories about serial killers and investigative reporting unsolved murders, reviews of true crime books and roundups of serial killer movies, and list after list of the morbid and bizarre, this website is a one stop shop. For the truly crime obsessed, The Lineup also has a Creepy Crate, a subscription service that sends "a mysterious box packed with macabre oddities" to your door every other month.


The newest member of the Literary Hub family, CrimeReads is a culture website dedicated to crime, mystery, and thriller writing. Although not all the content deals with real life murders, readers can easily find a guide to essential true crime podcasts, interviews with crime scene cleaners, true tales of murderous plots, and so much more a vertical dedicated to true crime.

True Crime Diva

In her personal opinion-based crime blog, Deb, a.k.a. the True Crime Diva writes fascinating entries about both solved and unsolved murder and missing persons cases. Featuring guests posts from authors, historical cases, intriguing listicles (like the recent 7 Daughter Who Disappeared With Their Mothers), true crime book reviews and more, True Crime Diva is a must visit for true crime readers.

Longform: Crime

Sponsored by the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, Longform rounds up new and classic nonfiction articles from all over the web. In their section dedicated to crime, readers can find a chilling story of murder in Iceland, a titillating tale of corruption in an American police squad, a heartbreaking narrative of gangs, betrayal, and deportation, and so much more,

Innocence Project

Founded in 1992, the Innocence Project seeks to help exonerate those wrongfully convicted with the help of DNA testing and criminal justice reform. They also run a detailed blog about the hundreds of wrongful convictions in the United States anyone can read about. Some cases you may know include Steven Avery of the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer and Adnan Syed of Serial, but there are so many others you will be stunned to read about.

Ann Marie Ackermann

Author and former American prosecutor not only writes true crime books, but she also runs a fascinating historical true crime blog on her author website. Stop by every month to catch interviews with other true crime authors, learn more about infamous murders throughout the ages, and brush up on your knowledge of the the history of the forensic autopsy.

Pat McGaha

On his personal true crime blog, career homicide detective Pat McGaha shares stories about the cases he worked on during his over two decade long career in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you're looking for true stories from people who were there first hand, this is the website for you.

True Crime Truant

If your favorite show is Forensic Files, you're going to want to check out True Crime Truant, a blog dedicated to going behind the scenes and beyond the credits of everyone's favorite docuseries. Ever wonder what happened to Bobby Kent's killers, or the murderer Richard Lyon after he poisoned his wife? This website has the answers you are looking for.

Deranged L.A. Crimes

Deranged L.A. Crimes is a dedicated deep-dive into the social history of Los Angeles from the 1900s through 1970s, and features stories of murder, corruption, scandal, and more. Fun fact: Deranged L.A. is dedicated to journalist Aggie Underwood, who was the first reporter on the scene in 1947 when Elizabeth Short's body was discovered. It was her reporting that turned the victim's nickname "Black Dahlia" into a household name.

True Crime Diary

Written by the late and great Michelle McNamara who passed away in 2016 before finishing her posthumously bestselling true crime book I'll Be Gone in the Dark, True Crime Diary is a must-read for all true crime obsessed. Although it has not been updated for nearly five years, its archives are rich with intriguing and widely unheard of cold cases and true crime stories. In fact, you can even see the start of McNamara's book in her beloved blog.

Correction: The details of Michelle McNamara's death have been updated.