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All The Clues Noah Erb & Abigail Heringer Are Still Together After BiP

Eagle-eyed fans think they’re wearing matching necklaces.

'Bachelor In Paradise' stars Noah Erb & Abigail Heringer snuggling in a hammock.

Considering that Abigail Heringer was the first person to arrive on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, it stands to reason that she’d be one of the first to fall in love. She pretty immediately coupled up with Noah Erb from Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, and the pair have been continuing to build their connection since. Unlike some of the other early couples, they have yet to hit any snags, suggesting they may wind up leaving the beach together or even getting engaged (though the latter is less likely, since Abigail said she likes to take things slow).

There’s also a fair amount of evidence that the two are still dating. For one, they follow each other on Instagram — which is certainly not confirmation, but indicates they’re at least on good terms. And there are plenty of clues that their relationship continues in the trailer for the rest of the season, which includes scenes of Noah and Abigail cuddling in a hammock, clinking martinis, and kissing in the summer sun.

There’s one brief moment in the trailer that shows a distraught Abigail crying during a one-on-one interview, and Reality Steve has hinted her relationship with Noah doesn’t last for the duration of Paradise. However, it’s possible they rekindled things after the show. Though unsubstantiated, a Reddit user posted in June that they overheard Abigail on the phone in New York City during a conversation where she supposedly used the words “Noah” and “my man” in the same sentence. Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that Noah and Abigail appear to have been wearing matching necklaces. Abigail can be seen with a gold linked necklace on in a video posted on Aug. 13, and Noah is wearing a similar one in a photo shared the same week, on Aug. 18. It’s worth noting that it’s a pretty popular style, though, and could just as easily be a coincidence.

In evidence to the contrary, Noah has been posting photos over the last few months from places like Utah, Miami, and Tulsa, Oklahoma — not anywhere near New York City, where Abigail is based. He also shared a clip from their first date that featured Abigail saying she usually puts guys in the friend zone juxtaposed with a video of him riding away on a dirt bike, suggesting he may now view that as a red flag.

There are only a few weeks left in the season, so we’ll find out the fate of their relationship soon enough.