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Nicola Coughlan Shared Adorable BTS Pics From Bridgerton Season 3

Lady Whistledown always delivers.

Nicola Coughlan shared behind-the-scenes photos from 'Bridgerton' Season 3, Part 1.
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Just as the ton has Lady Whistledown to uncover all the gossip they crave, Bridgerton fans have Nicola Coughlan to peel back the curtain on behind-the-scenes moments. Mere days after Part 1 of Season 3 arrived on Netflix, Bridgerton’s newest leading lady graciously delivered a “few bits” on Instagram. Coughlan posted six new behind-the-scenes photos capturing cast bonds and on-set shenanigans on May 19.

Bridgerton Season 3 BTS Moments

The Bridgerton cast seems like an incredibly close-knit one. (Who can forget when they danced to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” together?) Coughlan’s snapshots and Instagram caption only reinforced that message. After writing that any photos “that are bad quality” come from a disposable camera, she noted any high-quality ones are from the vintage camera her co-star Luke Newton bought for her birthday. “On screen and off he’s the best,” she added.

The carousel of six photos mostly shows cast members looking like they’re having a great time together. Coughlan herself (Penelope) appears in the photos, as do Newton (Colin), Claudia Jessie (Eloise), Hannah New (Lady Arnold), Simone Ashley (Kate Bridgerton), Sam Phillips (Lord Debling), Lorraine Ashbourne (Mrs. Varley), Polly Walker (Portia Featherington), and Luke Thompson (Benedict). The sole photo of a single person is of Newton, smoldering at the camera as he holds onto the rope from the hot air balloon scene. Never say that Coughlan doesn’t know what gentle readers want to see.

Keeping Bridgerton Secrets

Season 3 marked the first time Bridgerton episodes came out in parts; the second half of the season doesn’t come until June 13. Because of that, Coughlan had to be mindful about avoiding spoilers when she chose which photos to unveil. The ones she settled on don’t make it easy to identify clues about what lies ahead.

One fan wish-list item the photos did highlight, however, is a Penelope-Eloise reconciliation. The two got into an explosive fight in Season 2 after Eloise discovered Penelope is Lady Whistledown, and their relationship is still frosty in the first four episodes of Season 3. Fans have been sad to see the distance between them, and several liked seeing Coughlan and Jessie hugging in the photos. “Penelope and Eloise... Our divorced mother's [sic],” one commented, adding a crying emoji. Others shouted out “PENELOISE,” and one wrote they “miss the best friendship.”

What’s To Come

The silver lining to Bridgerton Season 3 being released in two parts is that it means two release dates for the stars to promote. Coughlan will hopefully release more BTS content — both before and after the drop. She’s been a reliable source, as have various castmates, but if that’s not enough, you can always re-watch the carriage scene until June 13.