Everything To Know About Beyond The Edge, A Show Like Survivor But With Celebrities

The inaugural cast includes stars from The Bachelor, Real Housewives, and Full House.

BEYOND THE EDGE - CBS today announced the new reality series BEYOND THE EDGE, which features nine ce...
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment (C)2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A new reality competition is coming to CBS that will see stars from The Bachelor and The Real Housewives franchises, among other celebrities, put their endurance and wits to the test in order to survive in the jungle. Beyond the Edge is being touted as “the most intense celebrity adventure ever attempted” by the network, and it will surely give fans of the celebrities taking part the opportunity to watch their favorites like they’ve never seen them before.

Here’s everything you need to know about Beyond the Edge, including when it premieres in Spring 2022 and which household names are vying to win, all for a good cause.

Beyond the Edge Trailer

“We’re all a little terrified of what’s ahead of us” begins the trailer for Beyond the Edge. The 30-second preview of what’s to come highlights the stars roughing it in the Panamanian jungle as they tackle obstacle courses and whitewater rafting. It also shows the huts they’ll be living in.

Beyond the Edge Cast

Colton Underwood, and Jodie Sweetin, Metta World Peace, and Mike Singletary.Robert Voets/CBS

Beyond the Edge is not for everyone, as only some celebrities are in the kind of mental and physical shape to be able to handle the demands of life in the jungle. The nine names who are set to appear in the show’s first season include figures from the music industry, TV actors, and former professional athletes who remain popular. Here’s the full cast list for Beyond the Edge:

Showtime Sports announcer Mauro Ranallo will host Beyond the Edge.

Beyond the Edge Premise

Eboni K. Williams, Ray Lewis, Lauren Alaina, Metta World Peace, and Colton Underwood.Robert Voets/CBS

Beyond The Edge will be quite the challenge for anyone, even seasoned adventure-seekers, so the stars who signed on certainly have their work cut out for them. CBS revealed that the series “features nine celebrities trading their worlds of luxury to live in the dangerous jungles of Panama, where they face off in epic adventures and endure the most brutal conditions, as they push themselves to go far beyond their comfort zone.”

For two weeks, the contestants will endure everything from intense challenges to the harsh elements and even some very likely drama between cast members. At any point, a celebrity can ring a bell and tap out, but the two who remain at the top of their game after 14 days in the wild will compete against one another for the winner’s title and money for a nonprofit they support.

The nine personalities who are taking part in Beyond the Edge will apparently quickly realize that “only teamwork, perseverance and finding the inner strength they never knew they possessed can get them through another day,” according to CBS. Each player is competing to raise money for a nonprofit that’s near and dear to their hearts, with charities like the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, the ACLU Foundation, Safe Horizons and Girls all benefiting from the celebs’ involvement.

Beyond the Edge Release Date

Beyond the Edge will premiere on March 16 at 9:00 p.m. EST on CBS. The series will also be available to stream on Paramount+.