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Everything To Know About Netflix’s Cooking With Paris

It features your favorite rapper, Kardashian, Disney star, and Real Housewife.

by Candace Cordelia Smith
Paris Hilton whips up tasty treats for her "Cooking With Paris" show.

Paris Hilton is adding celebrity cook to the list of dream jobs on her already enviable resume. The hotel heiress is heading to Netflix this August with her very own show titled Cooking With Paris. Variety first unveiled the news of Hilton’s latest television venture on July 12, citing that the DJ would be whipping up tasty creations with the help of famous friends at home.

The Netflix series was influenced by a YouTube video from Hilton’s personal account in which the reality star made headlines for making lasagna. Hilton’s “Cooking With Paris” standalone clip gained over 5 million views since it was posted to YouTube in 2020. For those who can’t wait to watch the premiere of the socialite’s first-ever cooking series, here are details on the show’s guest stars, trailer, release date, and Hilton’s upcoming cookbook:

Cooking With Paris Guest Stars

Cooking With Paris will be very different from other cooking shows on TV. For starters, a variety of who’s who in entertainment will accompany Hilton as she “navigates new ingredients, new recipes, and exotic kitchen appliances.” Mom Kathy Hilton and sister Nicky, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, YouTuber Lele Pons, and comedian Nikki Glaser are all guest-starring in Hilton’s kitchen.

However, the créme de la créme for many fans could very well be the confirmed guest appearance of Hilton’s former assistant: Kim Kardashian. West and Hilton’s storied friendship went through a rough patch, but with the former coming aboard Hilton’s new show, it appears the two are going strong.

The Cooking With Paris Trailer

As if the celebrity visitors for Cooking With Paris weren’t enough to whet one’s appetite, the trailer for the new series looks mouth-watering. The clip features Hilton salting meat (could there be a new Salt Bae in town?), stirring macaroni and cheese, basting, frying, and cutting, all while sporting fashionable garments. But as the trailer continues, the This is Paris producer proves that she’s a far cry from becoming the next Iron Chef. While happily taste-testing one of her meals with Kardashian, the billionaire Calabasas queen responds with an amused “I spoke too soon,” and another vignette also shows Lovato coughing after sampling a dish. “You guys watching at home, we did this wrong so do it the opposite way with this part,” says Hilton as Lovato laughs beside her.

Kitchen disasters aside, Hilton is mixing culinary vulnerability with glamour. Viewers can count on feasting their eyes with the Simple Life star’s remarkable fashion choices. It’s no surprise that she’s even spotted posing in a hot pink gown and matching bedazzled face mask in a grocery aisle of abundant cereal brands. Hilton even has a diamond-encrusted spatula and seemingly burns the diamonds off while grilling burgers with Glaser.

Paris Hilton's Cookbook

Hilton’s cookbook is also briefly teased, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for its release. People reported in July that she was set to unveil her cookbook in 2020, but that plan was, unfortunately, “delayed” until further notice.

While it’s apparent that Hilton has no idea what a pair of tongs or a tomatillo is, she’s finding out that “any b*itch can cook,” and that’s hot.


Cooking With Paris Release Date

Cooking With Paris premieres Wednesday, August 4, on Netflix, and this post will be updated as more information on the series becomes available.