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Does Joey Get Engaged On The Bachelor?

Here’s everything he’s said about the season’s outcome.

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On 'The Bachelor,' Joey is looking for marriage. Does he get engaged?
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During Week 5 of Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season, Joey hosted a paint-and-sip group date. He and his remaining suitors were tasked with putting their feelings on a canvas. Joey painted himself holding an engagement ring. The intention behind the artwork, he told the group, was “taking a leap, even though I may fall, with the hope of a forever love.”

So, will it happen? If Joey’s paint party is any indication, an engagement is certainly important to him, a fact he’s reiterated throughout his time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

As a contestant on Charity Lawson’s 2023 season, Joey said he was excited to get down on one knee. He even met with the franchise’s go-to jewelry designer, Neil Lane, to pick a diamond.

Obviously, things didn’t work out with Charity, but it didn’t seem to deter Joey. “I know I’m gonna find my wife at the end of this,” he said at the beginning of his Bachelor season. “I do have full belief in it, because I was in love the last time I did this with Charity.”

Here are a few clues about whether it happens on his Bachelor run, the finale of which is right around the corner.

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What Joey’s Teased In Interviews

While he hasn’t spoiled the ending of Season 28, Joey’s interviews thus far warrant close readings. He told Extra, for example, that he was “very happy” and “had a great time” throughout the season.

He similarly told Decider that he was “very happy with the whole experience,” but acknowledged that the clip of him crying at the start of the season — which seems to take place during his final rose ceremony in Tulum, Mexico — is because of “something that hasn’t happened before.”

So if he does get engaged, it might not be a straightforward proposal.

Bustle also asked Joey if he had wedding planning on his mind while attending The Golden Wedding earlier this year. “It’s definitely something that’s in the back of your head,” he said, which definitely supports the engagement theory... right?

Joey at The Golden Wedding.James Clark/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

However, he couched his reply with a disclaimer: “You’re going to have to wait to watch the season and see if I’m even having a wedding.” OK, fair!

Need A Spoiler?

If you want a more definitive answer, Bachelor Nation blogger and podcaster Reality Steve has reported on a potential leak from Joey’s season. And it’s a twisty ride. Spoilers ahead!

Reality Steve first claimed that Joey got engaged to Daisy Kent while in Mexico. But through an eagle-eyed Redditor’s social media sleuthing, a new possibility emerged. Joey and Kelsey Anderson were seemingly posting from the same “safe house,” suggesting that they were in a relationship.

Reality Steve then acknowledged that he got the initial spoiler wrong, writing in a Feb. 27 blog post that Joey and Kelsey got engaged. As for the “unprecedented” ending that’s been teased in trailers and interviews? The blogger said Daisy intuits that “it’s not her” after her final date with Joey, and goes to Kelsey’s room to admit this before telling him the next day.

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