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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Reveals His Tattoo’s Meaning (Exclusive)

He tells Bustle the inspiration behind his ink.

Gerry and Leslie on 'The Golden Bachelor.' Photo via ABC
Disney/John Fleenor

Before The Golden Bachelor premiered, fans might have thought the show would be a more buttoned-up version of Bachelor Nation’s flagship series — but week after week, Gerry Turner is proving that’s literally (and figuratively) not the case.

In the last two Golden Bachelor episodes, Gerry enjoyed hot-tub dates with Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin. Now, cozying up in a tiny pool is a time-honored franchise tradition. But one little detail made these tub talks stand out to viewers: Gerry’s lion tattoo!

Leo Energy

The large artwork sits on Gerry’s upper arm, making it impossible to miss. Naturally, fans responded to the surprise ink on X (formerly Twitter) — with several praising the reveal (it’s “badass,” wrote one user) and more wondering what it might mean.

One user even started a poll, suggesting possibilities like an astrological connection (he’s a Leo baby!). As one fan responded, he gifted rose quartz to Susan Noles. So, it’s not too hard to imagine his interest in crystals and astrology overlap.


One fan also hilariously compared Gerry’s lion to Ben Affleck’s phoenix. “Some men’s inner spirits are so strong that they actually leak out onto the skin for the world to see,” they wrote.

Gerry’s Tattoo Meaning

The real significance of Gerry’s tattoo is much more surprising — yet very Gerry. The Golden Bachelor tells Bustle that he got the tattoo in his mid-50s. “It’s not really a glamorous story,” he says, adding that it’s all about his mindset regarding work. (Gerry is a retired restaurateur.)

“I took the face of that tattoo from a poster,” Gerry continues. “And the poster was about the lion that had to run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it would starve. And the gazelle that had to run faster than the lion, or it would be eaten.”

Based on Gerry’s description, he might be talking about one of those classic motivational posters like this one.

A Prescient Portrait

Disney/John Fleenor

For Gerry, the key takeaway is in the poster’s tagline. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a lion or a gazelle,” he says. “When the sun comes up, you’d better be running. So never give up. You know, keep persevering and go forward.”

Gerry originally got the lion tattoo to remind him of the power of work ethic — but today, its meaning can be applied to his Golden Bachelor journey, too. Hometowns and the end of Gerry’s debut season are hurtling closer, meaning he will have to make some difficult decisions in the weeks ahead.