Katie Thurston Says She’s Not Pregnant After Fans’ Attempts To Diagnose Her

The former Bachelorette has been struggling with wanting to “constantly sleep.”

Katie Thurston cleared up pregnancy questions on her Instagram Sept. 4. Photo via ABC
ABC/Andrew Eccles

Asking the internet to help diagnose your mysterious symptoms can often lead to more confusion than clarity — but of course, many of us do it anyway, reality show stars included. Bachelorette Season 17 alum Katie Thurston recently took to Instagram to consult with her fans for help with a stubborn fatigue that won’t go away. “Besides the obvious, what are some reasons someone can be tired?” she asked in a Sept. 4 post to her story. “All the time. No matter how much sleep, food, water, all of the above they get. Tired all the time.”

Thurston even provided a convenient comment box titled “Diagnose me (zzz)” to help narrow down the sluggishness — which apparently worked out, at least in terms of getting plenty of suggestions. An hour later, she returned to her story to report on some of the ideas as well as fill fans in a bit more on her situation.

“I just wanted to share the results, in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing, and what I’m going to do about it,” the reality TV star explained. “First of all, I am not pregnant. I get a lot of that, and in fact Blake [Moynes] texted me. I’m like, ‘Honey, I am not pregnant.’”

In eliminating one potential cause, Thurston acknowledged that she’s still not sure why she feels so tired but said she’s taking steps to figure it out based on her followers’ recommendations. “I did see a lot of people suggest a thyroid test, so I just ordered one, as well as being, like, low in iron, B12, just vitamins in general ... so I’m going to approach my sleepiness with those two things first, and then keep you posted.”

Thurston, who recently moved from Seattle to San Diego after getting engaged to Moynes on The Bachelorette, also opened up about the toll tiredness is taking on her life. “This freaking sucks, when you’re trying to be productive and social and you just feel like you want to constantly sleep,” she said. “And that’s how I have felt for a very long time.”

Thurston is definitely not alone in wondering about unexplained fatigue — and as lung specialist Dr. Luis Javier Peña-Hernández, M.D., F.C.C.P. recently told Bustle, there are plenty of factors that can bring on midday exhaustion, even if you get a great night’s sleep. “Sleep apnea, narcolepsy, thyroid disorders, nutritional deficits, and dehydration can manifest as fatigue, especially in the afternoon hours,” Peña-Hernández explained in August. He noted that it’s best to check with your doctor if you notice a pattern of tiredness.

Since getting engaged to Moynes, Thurston has talked about being able to enjoy a slower, more leisurely pace with her partner. “We knew life was going to be an adventure, but for now, I’m still soaking up the simpler things in life,” she wrote on Instagram Aug. 18. Here’s hoping she finds some answers soon, so she can enjoy all those little moments to the fullest.