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These Che Diaz Tweets Prove They’re The Best & Worst AJLT Character

Someone’s at the door!

Sara Ramirez stars as Che Diaz in 'And Just Like That...' Photo via HBO Max
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Hey, it’s Che Diaz! If those words alone send a chill down your spine, you may be entitled to financial compensation. (Or, at least, a good meme or two for your troubles.) Played by Sara Ramirez on And Just Like That..., Carrie Bradshaw’s podcast boss has a few bad habits, like smoking weed in the worst possible places and having kitchen sex at their convalescent employee’s apartment. To which, by the way, they weren’t even invited.

But for all their faults, Che is a paradoxically bright spot of the Sex and the City reboot. They might be entirely too bold — as Ramirez told Bustle in December, “This person's way more confident than I am” — but their character also has a sort of unifying effect. Even when the show gets fairly glum and tense (as is bound to happen in any reboot that starts with a key character’s heart attack), viewers can take solace in memes that are enthralled with and terrified by Che’s inadvertent jump scares and catchphrase of a greeting.

If you ever want to lighten the mood with something even funnier than Che’s comedy “concert,” these memes and tweets should have you covered.

Hey, It’s Che Diaz!

Naturally, many Che Diaz tweets revolved around their signature greeting — and the visceral fear of them showing up unannounced, which writer Carey O’Donnell spoofed in one hilarious video.

The Risky Hookup

Warmest congratulations to Miranda for having the best sex of her life! Now, if only it weren’t so ill-timed (and ill-placed). While several users poked fun at the awkward hookup situation in Episode 5, writer Sophie Ross predicted Che could be moving onto another New Yorker very soon.

Love For Che

Hey, Che still has plenty of fans out there, including Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause, who found the podcaster “funny and charming” before looking into the discourse (rookie mistake). Others simply acknowledged that, yeah, Che Diaz makes Twitter better.

Until that Che Diaz spinoff is announced (one can dream!), here’s to many more meme-worthy moments in the remainder of And Just Like That...