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The Best Memes & Tweets From The 2024 Oscars

The generally serious show had moments of kooky humor and silliness, which fans were keen to talk about.

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Fans loved Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling at the 2024 Oscar Awards, and were quick to tweet about the ...
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Between historic nominations and highly anticipated performances, the 2024 Oscars delivered plenty of viral moments for fans at home.

The March 10 ceremony began with an opening monologue from host Jimmy Kimmel — who, of course, referenced the Barbenheimer phenomenon — before quickly moving on to the award for Actress in a Supporting Role, which was given to Da’Vine Joy Randolph (The Holdovers).

The show enlisted help from former winners to announce each acting nominee, a format that was last used at the 2009 ceremony, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fifteen years later, Mary Steenburgen, Lupita Nyong’o, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rita Moreno, and Regina King revived the style. Some viewers at home loved the change, with one fan on X (formerly Twitter) saying it made them cry, and another deciding they’d tell their kids “this was the moment the avengers stepped out to save the world.”

However, one viewer was worried that the format, which consisted of five short speeches about each 2024 nominee, was “too too much” for an awards ceremony that was already pretty long.

Paul Giamatti’s Well-Timed Tear

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Paul Giamatti had the perfect reaction to his Holdovers co-star’s big win, and fans quickly noticed his very cinematic, single teardrop. “Is there nothing the man can’t do?” wondered one user, while several called for the tear itself to win an Oscar. (Is it too late for an 11th-hour nomination?)

All The Love For Barbie & Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s performance of “What Was I Made For?” from Barbie earned a standing ovation from the Oscars audience — and from viewers at home, who called the show of support “sooooo deserved.”

“That performance got me teary-eyed and it was just on a small screen,” wrote another viewer.

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Eilish let out a surprised “whoa” once she saw what was happening, sharing a hug with her brother and collaborator, Finneas. Given the warm reception the song received last summer, it’s not too surprising that the performance stirred up emotion in everyone, from the movie’s cast to Ariana Grande.

John Cena’s Streaker Moment

Viewers were living for John Cena’s near-streaking moment. After Kimmel referenced the 1974 Oscars streaker, he encouraged Cena to recreate the incident, but the wrestler-actor got cold feet and used an Oscars envelope for modesty. Cena then cheekily announced the award for best costume design.

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A viewer wrote on X, “No matter what anyone says, john cena COMMITS.” Others also loved Margot Robbie’s reaction to the bit.

Barbenheimer Buddies... Or Not?

Fans loved seeing Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling present an award together, and while the actors initially said there was no cinematic rivalry between their films, they quickly began insulting each other’s projects.

“I kind of figured out why they called it ‘Barbenheimer’ and they didn’t call it ‘Oppenbarbie,’” Gosling said. “You guys are the tail end of that, because you guys were riding Barbie’s coattails all summer.”

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“Thanks for Ken-splaining that to me, all right? Mr. ‘I need to paint my abs on to get nominated.’ You don’t see Robert Downey doing that,” Blunt replied.

“Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling need to host the Oscars next year,” suggested one viewer. Many more voiced their support for the pair over frequent host Kimmel, and declared the back-and-forth one of their favorite moments of the evening.

A Twins Reunion

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Viewers were all for Twins co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito reuniting at the 2024 ceremony. Some even called for a Twins sequel, and one fan called it “the best bit of the night.”

Canine Clapping

Perhaps the most popular attendee at this year’s Oscars was the dog from Anatomy of a Fall, Messi. Though The Hollywood Reporter initially said Messi was expected to miss the ceremony, the scene-stealing border collie proved to be a perfectly polite audience member, even clapping at one point.

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Not only did viewers love the clip of Messi clapping (with one declaring it a Top 10 Oscars moment), but they also loved Ryan Gosling’s excited reaction to the dog. The Barbie star previously had a sweet interaction with the dog at the Oscars Luncheon.

“He’s never been more relatable,” wrote one viewer of Gosling, while another wondered who was more charming: the man or the dog?

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