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Here Are All The Best Outfits Rachel Wore On Friends

Ranked from best to worst.

by Kat George
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Welcome to “The One With All The Outfits.” Or, “The One With All The Judgement.” Or, “The One With All The Power Suits.” Whatever you want to call it, I have taken the time to painstakingly collect, assess, and rate — in order! — every *single* one of Rachel’s outfits from Friends. I’ve already uncovered the truth about her Central Perk uniform, so now it’s time to dive right in the looks that go beyond her employer-sanctioned ones.

Because Rachel, for better or for worse, was Friends’ chief style icon. Maybe it was thanks to Jennifer Aniston playing the part, or maybe it was because Rachel worked in fashion. Whatever it was, Rachel Karen Green held fans’ sartorial hearts in the late ’90s and early ’00s, and even today they covet some of the character’s best looks — thanks, in part, to the era’s resurgence in popularity.

From her iconic hair and the unforgettable bridesmaids dress she wore to Barry and Mindy’s wedding, to her incredible array of miniskirts and incredible professional office-wear, Rachel was always the one fans wanted to dress like. (Sorry, Phoebe and Monica, we still love you.) And even when the ’fits were bad, they were still pretty good.

Without further ado, check out all of Rachel’s outfits from each season of Friends, ranked in order from best to worst. To see every single look, click the links below.

Season 1

Best of Season 1HBO Max
Worst of Season 1HBO Max
1 / 2

The plaid A-line skirt-and-turtleneck combo is still one of my favorite outfits to rock, and the knee-high socks turn the look from chic to school girl. But the oversize denim and baggy shirt are giving “I ran out of laundry and threw on my boyfriend’s clothes” — which can work in some cases, but not this one.

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Season 2

Best of Season 2HBO Max
Worst of Season 2HBO Max
1 / 2

The quilted jacket with a slight metallic blue hue was way ahead of its time. The Pepto Bismol pink bridesmaid dress with giant puff sleeves and matching hat, however, look like they’re from an Off- off-Broadway production of Gone With The Wind — although the Barbiecore look also gets points for being ahead of its time

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Season 3

Best of Season 3HBO Max
Worst of Season 3HBO Max
1 / 2

Plaid minis had a whole moment in the late ’90s and early aughts, and Rachel Green was at the forefront of the trend. The Americana crewneck sweatshirt, however, is as basic as it gets.

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Season 4

Best of Season 4HBO Max
Worst of Season 4HBO Max
1 / 2

Mix-and-match prints can work; this blue patterned skirt and graphic tee, however, are an epic clash. The sheer LBD with opaque tights, though, remains a strong fashion staple.

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Season 5

Best of Season 5HBO Max
Worst of Season 5HBO Max
1 / 2

One can only hope to look as good on a first date as Rachel Green does in this light yellow strapless embroidered dress. But a T-shirt with an inaccurate Chinese character on it? Ditch it immediately.

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Season 6

Best of Season 6HBO Max
Worst of Season 6HBO Max
1 / 2

Again, a little black dress can never go wrong, especially this one with a square neck and an open back design. The basic lavender embroidered shirt, on the other hand, is not befitting of Jennifer Aniston’s fashionista status.

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Season 7

Best of Season 7HBO Max
Worst of Season 7HBO Max
1 / 2

This Oscar-worthy gown is pure Rachel Green wardrobe royalty. The white bell-sleeve shirt with gathered arm bands is...not.

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Season 8

Best of Season 8HBO Max
Worst of Season 8HBO Max
1 / 2

A simple wrap dress never looked so good, and the ruffles take it straight back to the 2000s. But the cream-colored shirt with split sleeves and a fur collar is pretty forgettable.

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Season 9

Best of Season 9HBO Max
Worst of Season 9HBO Max
1 / 2

Rachel’s post-baby style is arguably better than her looks from Friends’ first few seasons. The same can’t be said for the off-shoulder button-up and random necktie.

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Season 10

Best of Season 10HBO Max
Worst of Season 10HBO Max
1 / 2

The 2010s lace-up shirts owe Rachel Green a check. But the rolled-up jeans, cargo jacket, and fur-lined boots? Absolutely not.

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