80 Best Lyrics From Taylor Swift’s Midnights For Your Instagram Captions

The singer’s best lines about drinking, loving, traveling, and polishing up real nice.

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80 Best Lyrics From Taylor Swift’s Midnights For Your Instagram Captions
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Name one Swiftie who’s never used a Taylor Swift lyric as an Instagram caption. I’ll wait. During Swift’s 16-year career, she has delivered countless turns of phrases and relatable one-liners that fans have used as captions to encapsulate their photos and videos. On Midnights — and the album’s seven bonus tracks — Swift once again blessed us with Instagram-worthy lyrics, at one point fittingly asking on bonus track “Paris” this important question: “Did you see the photos?”

In the 11-time Grammy winner’s 20 songs on Midnights (3 a.m. edition), you’ll notice several themes — like drinking, loving, dancing, traveling, and polishing up real nice — that are prime Instagram fodder. For frequent travelers and romantic dancers, turn to “Snow on the Beach” (“My flight was awful, thanks for asking”) and “Glitch” (“That’s romance, let’s dance”).

For the partiers or solo drinkers, you can take advantage of lyrics on “Dear Reader” (“My fourth drink in my hand”); “The Great War” (“I drew curtains closed, drank my poison all alone”); “Question...?” (“It was one drink after another”); “Maroon” (“Your roommate’s cheap-ass screw-top rosé, that’s how”); and “Paris” (“Cheap wine, make believe it’s champagne”).

Longtime listener Zainub Amir, who runs the popular Swift-centric Twitter account @SwiftNYC, told Bustle why people gravitate toward Swift’s music when crafting their own social content: “Taylor’s words and lyrical prowess are perfect for captions because she constructs her lyrics very concisely and strategically so there are a ton of relatable, witty phrases for fans to latch onto.”

For the lovers, you can use these poetic lines from “Labyrinth” (“Uh-oh, I’m falling in love”); “Lavender Haze” (“I just need this love spiral”); “Question...?” (“Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room?”); “Paris” (“I’m so in love that I might stop breathing”); and “Midnight Rain” (“My boy was a montage / A slow-motion, love potion”).

So, when you’re ready to “plant a memory garden,” as Swift puts it on “The Great War,” come back to this list of the 80 best Midnights lyrics to use for your Instagram captions.

1. “Lavender Haze”

  • Meet me at midnight
  • I feel the lavender haze creeping up on me
  • I just wanna stay in that lavender haze
  • Talk your talk and go viral / I just need this love spiral

2. “Maroon”

  • That’s a real f*cking legacy to leave
  • Your roommate’s cheap-ass screw-top rosé, that’s how
  • I chose you / The one I was dancing with / In New York, no shoes
  • The lips I used to call home / So scarlet, it was maroon

3. “Anti-Hero”

  • It’s me, hi I’m the problem, it’s me
  • I’ll stare directly at the sun, but never in the mirror
  • When my depression works the graveyard shift / All of the people I’ve ghosted stand there in the room
  • I should not be left to my own devices / They come with prices and vices / I end up in crisis

4. “Snow on the Beach”

  • My flight was awful, thanks for asking
  • Time can’t stop me quite like you did
  • It’s like snow at the beach / Weird, but f*cking beautiful
  • My smile is like I won a contest / And to hide that would be so dishonest

5. “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

  • I touch my phone as if it’s your face
  • You’re on your own, kid / You always have been
  • I didn’t choose this town / I dream of getting out
  • I search the party of better bodies / Just to learn that you never cared

6. “Midnight Rain”

  • He was sunshine, I was midnight rain
  • My boy was a montage / A slow-motion, love potion
  • I never think of him / Except on midnights like this
  • It came like a postcard / Picture perfect shiny family / Holiday peppermint candy

7. “Question...?”

  • Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room?
  • 15 seconds later, they were clapping too?
  • It was one drink after another
  • Does it feel like everything’s just like / Second best after that meteor strike?

8. “Vigilante Shit”

  • Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man
  • Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge
  • Ladies always rise above / Ladies know what people want
  • On my vigilante shit again

9. “Bejeweled”

  • I polish up real nice
  • I miss you, but I miss sparkling
  • By the way, I’m going out tonight
  • Best believe I’m still bejeweled / When I walk in the room / I can still make the whole place shimmer

10. “Labyrinth”

  • Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out
  • I thought the plane was going down / How’d you turn it right around?
  • Break up, break free, break through, break down
  • Uh-oh, I’m falling in love / Oh no, I’m falling in love again / Oh, I’m falling in love

11. “Karma”

  • Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend
  • Karma is a cat purring in my lap ’cause it loves me
  • Karma is the guy on the screen / Coming straight home to me
  • Flexing like a goddamn acrobat / Me and karma vibe like that

12. “Sweet Nothing”

  • You’re in the kitchen humming
  • I found myself a-running home to your sweet nothings
  • I spy with my little tired eye / Tiny as a firefly, a pebble
  • Industry disruptors and soul deconstructors / And smooth-talking hucksters out glad-handing each other

13. “Mastermind”

  • You and I ended up in the same room at the same time
  • The touch of a hand lit the fuse / Of a chain reaction of countermoves / To assess the equation of you / Checkmate, I couldn’t lose
  • What if I told you I’m a mastermind? / And now you’re minе / It was all by design / ’Cause I’m a mastermind
  • I’m only cryptic and Machiavellian ’cause I care

14. “The Great War”

  • We can plant a memory garden
  • It turned into something bigger
  • I vowed I would always be yours
  • I drew curtains closed, drank my poison all alone

15. “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”

  • Salt streams out my eyes and into my ears
  • You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than just a short time
  • Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
  • I’m never gonna meet / What could’ve been, would’ve been / What should’ve been you

16. “Paris”

  • Did you see the photos?
  • I’m so in love that I might stop breathing
  • Cheap wine, make believe it’s champagne
  • Sip quiet by my side in the shade / And not the kind that’s thrown

17. “High Infidelity”

  • Rain soaking, blind hoping
  • Put on your records and regret me
  • You know there’s many different ways that you can kill the one you love / The slowest way is never loving them enough
  • Do you really wanna know where I was April 29th?

18. “Glitch”

  • That’s romance, let’s dance
  • I was supposed to sweat you out
  • We were supposed to be just friends
  • I’m not even sorry, nights are so starry / Blood moonlit / It must be counterfeit / I think there’s been a glitch

19. “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”

  • I miss who I used to be
  • If I was some paint, did it splatter
  • Stained glass windows in my mind
  • If you never saved me from boredom I could’ve gone on as I was

20. “Dear Reader”

  • My fourth drink in my hand
  • Pick somewhere and just run
  • Never take advice from someone who’s falling apart
  • If you don’t recognize yourself / That means you did it right

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