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Willow Pill Might Win An Emmy For Hating People

VH1 is campaigning for an Emmy nomination for the Drag Race Season 14 winner’s “I Hate People” song.

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A collage of Willow Pill, 'Drag Race' winner and America’s next Drag Superstar
Willow Pill
2022 Pride Yearbook

Willow Pill’s empowering run on Season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race this year ended with her earning the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar and winning $150,000. It’s no surprise she won, considering her standout twisted sense of humor and show-stopping looks. Willow Pill also madeherstory” on the show, becoming the first openly trans queen to win a regular season of Drag Race after she and four other Season 14 contestants came out as trans throughout the season. “I identify as a queer trans femme person,” the 27-year-old entertainer tells Bustle.

On top of all that, Willow Pill soon might be nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Original Music & Lyrics category for “I Hate People,” the catchy song she performed on the finale to secure her victory. VH1 submitted the song and campaigned for the nomination — marking the first time a Drag Race queen is eligible for an Emmy for work from their original season. Fans will find out if Willow Pill (and her co-writers Leland and Gabe Lopez) will earn that nomination on July 12 when Emmy nominees are announced.

Should Willow Pill be nominated for and win the Emmy, she’ll be in good company. In 2021, Powerhouse duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez won for “Agatha All Along” from WandaVision. In 2020, Labrinth won for “All For Us” from Euphoria.

Read on to learn how Willow Pill feels about the fight for transgender rights, find out what’s next in her blossoming career, and discover her self-care habits.

Willow Pill On Trans Rights & Self-Care Showers

How do you feel about trans rights and the ongoing discrimination against transgender students? What would you tell a student who feels discouraged?

We need different politicians. These politicians need to be fired for violating human rights. Christianity and conservatism have no place in the government. I would tell them to hold on to people that are good for them and love them unconditionally until they feel safe enough to stand up for themselves.

What superlative would you give yourself for the the 2022 Pride Yearbook?

Most Loved by Moms

What’s next in your career?

I’m currently working on a lot of creative projects, including music, film, and theatrical live shows.

How are you celebrating Pride in 2022?

Well, it’s been three years since we’ve had a real Pride, so I’m going to party my ass off and experience queer joy with my friends.

What were some of your go-to songs or artists in high school? How about today?

Amy Winehouse, Metric, and Destiny’s Child in high school. These days I listen to a lot of Doja Cat, Donny Hathaway, Teyana Taylor, and Hole.

Who is an important role model in your life, and what has that person taught you?

Elton John. He’s just taken the piss out of life and created something magical.

What do you do for self-care?

I trip my balls off in the shower and drink a lot of chocolate milk.

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