The 10 Best Phone Stands For Video Recording

Get the best shot at any angle or distance.

The 10 Best Phone Stands For Video Recording
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To make sure the video you’re recording on your phone looks steady and professional, you’ll need the right stand. The best phone stands for video recording are suited for the video you’re shooting and compatible with your phone. They may also offer adjustable height and angle options or include accessories like a light, microphone, or remote control to take your video to the next level.

What To Consider When Shopping For Phone Stands For Video Recording

Choosing the right phone stand or tripod for your recording depends on what kind of video you’re going to be shooting and where you’re going to be shooting it. You’ll want to ask yourself these questions:

What Kind Of Video Are You Shooting?

Smaller tripods or stands that are less than a foot in height can easily sit on a tabletop for videos about beauty, gaming, or other indoor activities. Something with more action like dance, fitness, and outdoor activities, may work better with a taller tripod or stand that can sit farther back and fit more in the frame or a flexible stand that can wrap around a tree or a pole. To capture crafting, cooking, or drawing from above, look for a stand that’s clamped or mounted onto a table with a flexible gooseneck or scissor arm. Some phone stands also come with an extra holder for a tablet. And for shooting video with more of a first-person POV, some stands fold up into a selfie stick that you hold in your hand.

Where Are You Shooting?

It’s important to consider whether you’ll need your phone stand in a set location or if you need a more travel-friendly option. Sizes and portability vary: Some stands can fold flat, some are just a few inches in length, some extend over five feet tall, and can they can weigh anywhere between a few ounces up to 10 pounds. Depending on where you are, you may need to record different angles, so look for a stand that will have the option to swivel, pivot, tilt, rotate, or be adjusted for different heights.

Just make sure the stand is compatible with your phone and will hold it securely. Below I’ve noted those specs for each stand so you can choose accordingly.

Whether you’re recording a cooking video, a makeup tutorial, or your next TikTok dance, these are the best phone stands for video recording on Amazon. From tabletop stands to tall tripods and models that can be bent to any angle, you’ll be ready to shoot anything!

1. A Wildly Popular Phone Tripod That Comes With A Remote


  • Over 47,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating
  • Includes a wireless remote with a 30-foot range
  • Legs can wrap around a pole or tree or be straight
  • Lightweight


  • Reviewers report it can pinch your fingers when trying to mount your phone

With over 30,0000 five-star ratings, this phone tripod is a popular choice for recording video. It has versatile, octopus-style legs made of durable foam and plastic with anti-slip feet that can be straight, wrapped around a pole or a tree, or held together as a selfie stick. The whole tripod weighs just 6.7 ounces and is foldable, so it’s easy to travel with. You can position your phone in vertical or landscape mode, and can even control your recording via remote, which comes with the tripod and has a 30-foot range. Best of all, it’s under $20.

A Helpful Review: “This is a great tripod and an amazing value! I shoot videos on my phone in my fitness studio for posting weekly. I want something quick and uncomplicated for my social media sites. I can fix this on any piece of equipment at any angle to get the shot I want. Additionally, with the bluetooth remote, I don't have to worry about looking awkward in the shot by stopping recording etc. I can record with the bluetooth remote and stop recording while I am positioned in the same location. Although my videos are simple, this makes them a bit more clean and professional.”

Max Height: 10 inches | Weight: 6.7 ounces | Compatibility: Cell phones, digital cameras, GoPros, and webcams up to 3.7 inches wide/long

2. A Durable Phone Stand That Can Wrap Around Almost Anything


  • Over 14,000 reviews and an overall 4.7-star rating
  • Legs can securely wrap around items or be angled as a selfie stick
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

Featuring a stellar 4.7-star rating from over 14,900 reviews, this phone stand is another popular choice for video recording. It has rubberized ring and foot grips made of sturdy ABS plastic that can securely wrap around a pole or tree or be positioned straight as a selfie stick. The mini-ball head firmly locks your phone in place and can be removed to fit on a standard tripod. You can position your phone in portrait or landscape mode and the stand offers 90 degrees of rotation and 150 degrees of tilt, letting you capture the right angle. It does have a higher price tag than other phone stands but one reviewer reported, “At first I thought it was expensive, but now that I've been using it, it is worth every penny.” The tripod weighs just 6.9 ounces, but can hold up to 2.2 pounds, which is helpful if you’re using a heavier camera.

A Helpful Review: “I'd previously owned a cheaper tripod with hinged joints, not ball and socket joints, and 30% of those hinges were loose with no way to tighten them. It would slouch and fall over, and one of the legs had a loose joint *at the top*, meaning it was a literal balancing act to use. The difference with this GorillaPod is night and day. The joints are quite tight, but still movable by hand. This means they stay where I put them, which is SUCH a relief. It's also taller, which makes it much better for recording videos where I'm making art.”

Max Height: 10 inches | Weight: 6.9 ounces | Compatibility: Supports most cell phones

3. A Fan-Favorite Tripod & Selfie Stick With A Wireless Remote


  • Can be set at six heights with a max height of 60 inches
  • Can be used as a tripod or a selfie stick
  • Includes a wireless remote with a 30-foot range and GoPro adapter


  • On the heavier side at 1.47 pounds

Fans have given this phone tripod an overall 4.6-star rating in over 1,300 reviews and it’s easy to see why it’s such a favorite. It can be placed on the ground or on a desktop, and can be set at any height up to 62 inches by adjusting the quick flip locks. The phone stand can be used as a tripod or as a selfie stick and comes with a Bluetooth remote to control your video recording. The mount can hold a phone in landscape or portrait mode and it has tilt orientation from 0–180 degrees and pan orientation from 0–360 degrees, offering wide flexibility in getting the correct angle for your shot. You can even attach a GoPro with the included adapter. Plus, it’s less than $25.

A Helpful Review: “This tripod was nothing less than amazing! For a low price, you get a pretty nice compact tripod that packs a lot of features. It has a screw on the top of the tripod for a camera, a spring holder for your phone ( I have an iPhone 13 pro max and it fit !!! ), and it comes with a GoPro mount that can quickly be mounted to the top of the tripod also. There are knobs for adjusting the camera left and right, up and down, and horizontal to vertical. I have never had a tripod that only extended from the body - usually they extend from the legs. I wasn't sure how sturdy this would be, but it does surprisingly well! [...]”

Adjustable Height: 17–62 inches | Weight: 1.47 pounds | Compatibility: Fits most cell phones 2.8– 5.7 inches wide/long

4. A Desktop Phone & Tablet Stand For Recording Video


  • Over 46,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating
  • Under $15
  • Available in nine colors
  • Weighted base is anti-slip and anti-scratch


  • Not sturdy enough to hold a tablet according to reviewers

This desktop phone stand is another popular option with over 46,000 reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating. You can adjust the height between 7.1 and 8.5 inches, adjust the angle between 5 and 85 degrees, and your phone can be placed in portrait or landscape mode. The rod is made of aluminum alloy and the anti-slip base is weighted to keep phones stable but some reviewers report that it might not be sturdy enough to hold a tablet. The stand can support phones with or without a case with a thickness of up to 0.53 inches, and is even PopSocket compatible. Once you place your phone in the stand, there’s room for you to charge your phone and there’s even a hole to thread the cord and keep it out of your way. Plus, the stand is available in nine colors for under $15.

A helpful review: “I ordered this for when I use my phone for zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Also for when I have to create short videos for my class. It does a great job. Nice and sturdy and provides a really steady recording. I also use it on the edge of my bathtub so I can watch Netflix in the bath!”

Adjustable Height: 7.1–8.5 inches | Weight: 8.5 ounces | Compatibility: Cell phones, iPads, Kindles, small laptops that are 4–10 inches wide/long

5. A Tripod For Your Phone That Comes With A Ring Light, Remote & Carrying Bag


  • Over 56,000 reviews and an overall 4.6-star rating
  • Includes a ring light, carrying bag, and wireless remote with a 30-foot range
  • Ring light features three color modes and ten brightness levels


  • Ring light has to be plugged in to work
  • On the heavier side at 2.51 pounds

This phone tripod comes with a few features that will improve the quality of your next video, a friendly price tag, and over 43,000 five-star ratings. There’s a ring light with three color modes (cool white, warm yellow, and daylight) and ten brightness levels. The light does need to be plugged in via USB to function. The tripod is adjustable from 15.7 to 51 inches, and once your phone is attached in portrait or landscape mode, the base that holds the ring light and phone can be tilted or turned. You can also use the tripod without the ring light by removing the phone holder and attaching it to the tripod directly. If you’re taking the tripod on the go, it can be folded and placed in the included carrying case. Once you’re shooting, you can use the Bluetooth remote to start and stop your recording.

A helpful review: “This is a must have if you do online zoom meetings, record videos for social media, or like to take good quality selfies. The lamp has multiple regimes - from bright to soft, it also has different light colors - from cool to warm to natural, etc. The tripod has multiple levels of adjustment, so I can put it at the certain level and angle I need. Money very well spent. I am very pleased with quality of that product.”

Adjustable Height: 15.7–51 inches | Weight: 2.51 pounds | Compatibility: All cell phones 2.3–5.3 inches wide/long

6. A Phone Stand That Can Clamp Onto Tables


  • Over 25,500 reviews and an overall 4.4-star rating
  • Flexible, gooseneck arm rotates 360 degrees
  • Can clamp onto tables, desks, or bed frames
  • Available in black, white, or rose gold


  • Reviewers report that it doesn’t bend easily (but it stays in place well once bent)

Just clamp this phone stand onto a table, desk, or chair and you’re ready to shoot your next video. It’s made of aluminum alloy and anti-slip silicone so it has a firm grip and a flexible gooseneck arm that can rotate 360 degrees. Some reviewers report that the arm doesn’t bend easily, but others point out that is what makes it stay in place so well once you set it up. The clamp can attach to any surface with a 2.7-inch thickness or less and it’s compatible with phones from 4 to 6.3 inches in width or length. The phone stand is also available in three colors and costs less than $25.

A Helpful Review: “I use this to hold my iPhone to record videos for my YouTube channel. It works great. I found it to be quite stiff, by design, but that’s its advantage. If I set a position and angle, it keeps that exact same angle unless I deliberately force it to change. Even when removing it from the desk and onto the floor and back, it’s in the exact same position.”

Max Height: 38.6 inches | Weight: 1.28 pounds | Compatibility: Cell phones from 4–6.3 inches wide/long

7. A Phone & Tablet Floor Stand That Extends Up To 63 Inches


  • Over 3,800 reviews and an overall 4.6-star rating
  • Flexible gooseneck arm can rotate 360 degrees
  • Can extend up to 63 inches
  • Suitable for wider devices up to 13 inches wide


  • The heaviest stand on this list at 10.6 pounds

This phone and tablet stand can extend longer than any other stand on this list — an impressive 63 inches. It rests on the ground with a stable 12-inch base that is made of solid aluminum alloy that brings the weight of this model up to 10.6 pounds. This weight makes this stand especially sturdy, but it isn’t the most portable option. The flexible gooseneck arm can bend in any direction without sagging and the 360-degree rotating holder lets you get just the right angle on your videos. The stand can hold your phone or tablet as long as they’re between 4.7 and 13 inches wide.

A Helpful Review: “This product is able to handle tablets and phones of various sizes and weights without sagging. Very pleased.”

Adjustable Height: 51.2–63 inches | Weight: 10.6 pounds | Compatibility: iPad Mini Air Pros 12.9/9.7, Galaxy Tabs, Kindles, and cell phones 4.7–13 inches wide

8. A Foldable Phone Stand That’s Highly Portable


  • Highly rated with over 36,000 reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating
  • Fully collapsible
  • Adjustable angle and height
  • Lightweight


  • Not a wide height range

If you’re looking for a phone stand that can go anywhere, then the Nulaxy phone stand is a great pick—it also comes with a stellar 4.8-star rating from over 36,000 reviews. It’s made of premium aluminum, weighs just 0.23 ounces, and because it can fold completely flat, it can even fit in a pocket. On the bottom, there are rubber pads to protect your phone from scratching or sliding and the hook width is 19 millimeters, so it can hold a device with a case. You can adjust the stand’s angle and height to shoot video, but there’s not a large range of movement. The best part? It’s available in four colors and costs less than $15. Note that Nulaxy recommends devices four to six inches be used in landscape or portrait mode and devices six to 10 inches are only used in landscape mode for stability.

A Helpful Review: “This phone stand is awesome! I use it a lot when video calling or recording video and it is so great. It is sturdy and doesn't fall over and the adjustable features are really helpful and effective. The portability aspect is also a 10/10 because of the fact it just folds into a flat position, you can carry this in your purse or even your pocket. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Max Height: 2 inches according to reviewers | Weight: 0.23 ounces | Compatibility: 4–10-inch wide/long cell phones, tablets, and e-readers

9. A Phone & Tablet Stand That Can Hold 2 Devices Simultaneously


  • Five adjustable articulation points
  • Weighted base
  • Can hold a tablet and phone at the same time
  • Includes a ring light


  • Expensive

When you’re shooting a how-to, cooking, or craft video on your phone and also need to reference a tablet, then you’ll need this phone and tablet stand bundle. It has an adjustable height of up to 29 inches and tilts at five articulation points, so you can set your phone at just the right angle, and the tablet holder can also be tilted or moved up and down. The base is weighted to prevent tipping and gives you stability on any desk or countertop. And to make your video look even better, it comes with a rechargeable ring light that attaches right to your phone.

A Helpful Review: “I use this thing everytime I go live on twitch it’s amazing. I can see myself on my ipad while I’m live on my phone from a birds eye view. I think it’s great! It’s also great for recording videos for YouTube.”

Adjustable Height: 17–29 inches | Weight: 1 pound | Compatibility: Cell phones up to 3.9 inches wide and tablets 7–18.4 inches wide

10. A Kit That Includes A Phone Tripod, LED Light & Shotgun Mic


  • Includes a phone tripod, LED light, hardshell carrying case, and shotgun microphone
  • Rechargeable LED light has three brightness levels
  • Tripod can rotate 360 degrees with a 90-degree tilt
  • Tripod can be folded into a selfie stick


  • No indicator light that the microphone is on
  • Could have clear instructions, according to reviewers

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your phone’s videos, then this vlogging kit might be just what you need. It includes a tripod for your phone, an LED light, a shotgun microphone, and a hardshell case to carry it all around. The tripod has a maximum height of 12.5 inches, can rotate 360 degrees with a 90-degree tilt, and can even be folded and used as a selfie stick for just the right angle. The LED light has three brightness levels and is rechargeable so you can use it away from a power source — note that reviewers report that it doesn’t have a long running time.

A Helpful Review: “This kit is actually really really good for the money. I was looking for something that was fairly inexpensive, so I could put together a few videos for my workplace as well as instructional videos for some friends with my iPhone. This does that in spades, a very good carrying case, nothing feels cheap or flimsy in it. Comes with a good microphone and decent light.”

Max Height: 12.5 inches | Tripod Weight: 1.25 pounds | Compatibility: Cell phones 2–6 inches wide