Black History Month

Black History Month UK’s 2022 Theme Calls For Action, Not Words

Here’s how you can get involved.

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October is the UK’s dedicated Black History Month: a time to celebrate Black culture and the contributions Black people have made throughout history. First celebrated in 1987, the annual occasion is now in its 35th year. It was initially organised by London activists, but quickly spread to other parts of the UK, leading to the national celebration we now honour today. Each year, Black History Month is given a different theme. Below, find out what the theme for 2022 is and how you can get involved.

Black History Month 2022 Theme

This year’s theme for Black History Month is “Time for Change: Action Not Words.” A post on Black History Month UK’s website reads: “To ensure real change, we need real support from our allies. It’s time to reset your mindset and support us with actions, not words. Join with us, see something, say something, don’t be a passive bystander. Not just at the weekend in the club or playing sports, but on the street, in shops, at work.”

The intention behind the theme is to educate and empower people to be true allies in the fight against racism. There are several events, both online and in person, taking place throughout the month to spotlight Black culture and talent.

How To Get Involved This Black History Month

Black History Month UK have a resource pack available for purchase on their website, which can be used by organisations planning to hold events to celebrate the month. The pack includes source materials, such as posters of key Black figures, lesson plans for schools, screensavers, and more materials that can be used and customised.

Every year, Black History Month UK also produce a magazine dedicated to the annual event. Previous cover stars for the magazine include Marcus Rashford and Baroness Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence. This year’s cover feature is dedicated to the late actor Sidney Poitier, who died earlier this year.

There’s also a range of events listed on the Black History Month UK website, including theatre productions, film screenings, concerts, Race in Religion tours, Africa Fashion Week, and more.

Other Ways To Support Black History Month

There are many TV and streaming titles honouring Black History Month UK. For example, ITV’s Fresh Cuts is a four-part series celebrating talented Black filmmakers and their innovative ideas about Black Britishness.

Weekday programmes such as Loose Women will also have dedicated segments to spotlight topics inspired by its Black panellists, with Judi Love looking into the NHS investigation into racial inequalities experienced by sickle cell patients and Charlene White leading a children’s hair masterclass.

You can also donate to organisations and charities that are dedicated to supporting the Black community all year round. These include organisations such as Black Pound Day, which focuses on supporting Black-owned businesses, or Five X More, which aims to tackle the fact that Black women are four times more likely to die during childbirth.