Bustle Newsletter: August 18, 2022

On new reality dating show 'Cosmic Love,' the claw clip's trendy successor, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
The French hair pin has taken TikTok by storm.

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How To Use Astrology In Dating, According To The AstroTwins

It seems somewhat inevitable that the astrology heyday and the reality dating show renaissance that we’re in RN would eventually collide and produce offspring that combined the two, which is exactly what happened with Amazon Prime’s Cosmic Love. Hosted by Ophira and Tali Edut, who are better known online as the AstroTwins (and yes, they’re identical), the show watches four single people go on a journey to understand their own birth chart and use that information to inform their dating life. It’s a fun spin on the genre, which can be a little staid. As Ophira says herself, on most dating shows, “You just have to be like, ‘Who is this person? I better make out with them after cocktails to find out what they're really like.’ Which is maybe good TV, but we've seen it a million times.” I mean, where’s the lie?! Read More

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This Hair Accessory Is The New Claw Clip

Of all the Y2K-era things that have made a resurgence in the last few years, claw clips have the most utility, IMO. They require so little effort and the result is much more fun than a basic pony. Honestly not sure how we got through the 2010s without them. So, no, my claw clips aren’t being replaced anytime soon, but I’m open to adding these guys into my rotation, too. Read More

Reformation Is Having A Major Summer Sale

The Labor Day sale gods have heard your prayers loud and clear and have answered with pages and pages of Reformation markdowns, up to 40% off. Take that, fall wedding season. Read More

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The Orphan Black actor is getting ready to take on yet another role in which she has to navigate multiple identities, this time in Marvel’s She Hulk: Attorney At Law. Here, Maslany opens up about growing up and acting in Canada, shopping in the boys section, and being obsessed with Sporty Spice. Read More

50 Books That’ll Have Your Book Club Buzzing

Maybe your reading group has been in a little bit of a rut lately, or it’s your turn to make the suggestion and you’re out of ideas. The picks here span 40 years worth of publishing, and there’s something for every kind of book club — including the kind nearest and dearest to my heart, where you talk about the book for five to 10 minutes before moving on to wine and cheese and gossip. Read More

Contra Conch, Snakebite, & 5 More Piercing Ideas To Fill Out Your Ear Stack

Along with the permanent jewelry trend that’s having a moment right now, so is the idea of a curated lobe that mostly stays consistent day to day. But if you’re going to wear the same pieces every day, you want them to be dynamic and interesting, right? Here are a few unconventional piercing ideas to make your stack super unique. Read More


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