7 Fall 2022 Piercing Trends That'll Upgrade Your Ear Stack

Time for some new jewelry.

The biggest piercing trends for fall 2022.
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As summer comes to a close and you swap your tank tops for oversized button-ups and chunky sandals for a fresh pair of loafers, you might find that you’re in the mood for a jewelry update, too. Who knows, the change of season could even inspire a trip to get a new piercing, so you can really update your ‘fit.

The fall 20220 piercing trends have been in the works all year, says Lisa Bubbers, the co-founder and CBO of piercing brand Studs. That means you’ve likely already spotted one or two on celebs as they stroll red carpets and post on social media. Hot tip: For piercings, it’s the Kardashians, Zoe Kravitz, Dua Lipa, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Chamberlain who seem to drive the next big thing, Bubbers tells Bustle. So peep their earlobes and other pieces of body art if you’re in need of some ideas.

Of course, there will be plenty of piercing trends sticking around from early 2022, too. As the weather gets cooler, you’ll still see folks with tons of studs and hoops up and down their ears for that curated lobe look. And yes, the Y2K resurgence is still alive and well, both in clothes and jewelry.

Read on below for all the piercing trends for fall, so you can have just as much fun with your ears as you do with your clothes, makeup, and hair.

1. Rook

This year has seen a huge resurgence in the “Hot Topic aesthetic”, Bubbers says, thanks to stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. And that’ll continue into fall with piercings that are just a tiny bit edgy, in a mall sort of way.

One of the most popular piercing locales to watch next season will be the rook piercing, located in the inner cartilage. To really rock the early 2000s aesthetic, Bubbers suggests wearing safety pin-style earrings with a serpent or dagger.

2. Conch

If you’re looking to get a new piercing, Bubbers also suggests looking into the conch. Like the rook, it’s located in the folds of the inner ear, and it looks really cute with a gem or stud. It’s also a slightly fresher take on the tragus or helix trends.

3. Industrial

The industrial piercing, which stretches across the top of your ear, is also back in a big way, according to Bubbers. To really embody the tough look of the industrial, you could wear a barbell that goes straight across your ear. Or, to keep it dainty, you could always decorate it with a thin chain for a little pop of shine.

4. Contra Conch

Fall’s outer conch trend speaks to the growing call for “advanced piercings,” Bubber says. In other words, instead of going for the well-known piercing spots, like the lobes or the helix, you might be inspired to spice things up with a “contra conch,” aka the outer conch.

“The conch is the inner part of the center of your ear next to your ear canal,” she says. “The contra conch sits on the ridge of cartilage around that area.” And it really does look cool.

5. Snakebite

There’s also the snakebite trend, which is two piercings close together — kind of like, well, a snake bite. Bubbers says this piercing has been on everyone’s radar ever since Kaia Gerber got it, but she predicts it’ll still be all the rage come fall. Place a simple pair of studs in your snakebite piercings, or fill ‘em up with mismatched jewelry to make it your own.

6. Auricle

The auricle piercing — located halfway up the ear — is another spot that’s gained some traction and will likely be even more popular come fall, says Kristin Patrick, the CMO and EVP of Claire’s.

Patrick says this is thanks to the Y2K revival that’s brought all the cartilage piercings back, as well as the trends that encourage you to get lots of custom piercings all at once, like the Claire’s EarPrint. After all, the more places you have to hang jewelry, the better.

7. Mixed Metals

If you’re wondering what kind of earrings should go in all these piercings, Bubbers suggests going for mixed metals. Instead of filling your spots with matchy-matchy earrings or feeling as if you have to stick to all silver or all gold, go ahead and switch things up. Wear silver hoops with gold studs, gold hoops with silver studs, or throw caution to the wind and add a gemstone, heart, or other trinkets into the mix. The less it “goes” together, the better.

The aforementioned daggers, bars, and chains fit the Y2K bill, but there are plenty of other late ’90s-early 2000s adornments. Patrick points to smiley faces, daisies, and even cute mushroom earrings. Wear these with a twinkle in your eye, and you’ll be right on trend for fall.


Lisa Bubbers, co-founder and CBO of piercing brand Studs

Kristin Patrick, CMO and EVP of Claire’s