Bustle Newsletter: December 17, 2021

On the one kind of role Riz Ahmed won't take, the lipstick shade you're about to see everywhere, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Riz Ahmed in a black tux at the Oscars.
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The One Kind Of Role Riz Ahmed Won't Take

Riz Ahmed is many things: IRL rom-com protagonist, certified social justice zaddy, and of course, an Oscar-nominated actor. From his role on Girls as a dirtbag surfer boyfriend to his portrayal of a deaf metal musician that earned him the Academy nom, his roles have really run the genre gamut. Throughout his career, however, he’s steered clear of jobs that cast Muslims in a stereotypical light. “Early on I made a decision to go into acting specifically to not do that,” the actor tells Bustle. Here, he talks about his new movie Encounter, and how our very real pandemic prepared him for the film’s fictional one. Read More

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The moon, that is. Tomorrow’s full moon, technically called a “cold moon,” ushers in a social energy that’ll bring us closer to the things that matter as the holidays approach. So even if the omicron variant surge is stepping on your festive plans, it’s a good time to clear your plate of anything that’s distracting you from your Big 2022 Dreams. Read More

The Lipstick Shade You’re About To See Everywhere

Contrary to what Elle Woods might say, orange is the new pink — when it comes to lipstick trends, at least. While experts say orange is universally flattering, there are some helpful tricks when it comes to finding your optimal shade. “It all depends on the amount of yellow in your undertone: The more warm and golden your skin is, the more yellow your lipstick should be, and vice versa,” one makeup artist told Bustle. To help you find the one that works best for you, we rounded up a few faves. Read More

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At 28, Bridget Moynahan Got A TV Role She’d Reprise Two Decades Later

Moynahan’s 28th year was a big one — she’d already made a name for herself as a model appearing regularly on the covers of Cosmo and Glamour, and then she shot Coyote Ugly and made her TV debut shortly after when she appeared as a certain Sex And The City star’s girlfriend. (She’s so stunning that Carrie vomits immediately after meeting her.) “She became a silent nemesis for Carrie Bradshaw,” Moynahan recalls. Now, it’s all coming full circle as she reprises her role as Natasha on the show’s reboot. “I could have never predicted the career I’ve had,” she tells Bustle. Read More


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