Here's The Spiritual Meaning Of The “Cold” Moon

It’s an opportunity to clear your emotional slate.

A full moon in the background of flowers. The spiritual meaning of December's full cold moon is abou...

We’re officially out of the woods when it comes to the eclipse season that dominated the past month of moon activity — and it’s just in time for us to enjoy the year’s final major lunation. Rising on Dec. 18, the December 2021 full moon (aka the Cold Moon) lights up the skies during the frostiest time of year, but the social energy of this full moon will help us light sparks of connection that’ll bring us closer to the things that matter. The spiritual meaning of the Cold Moon is about finding ways to keep warm, even through the chilliest of storms.

Full moons in astrology occur when the moon sits exactly opposite from the sun in the zodiac, which marks the energetic highpoint of the monthly lunar cycle. Because of the tension between the two luminaries, full moons are often associated with the energy of climactic build-ups and emotional releases. They’re useful periods for letting go of things, bringing situations to a conclusion, or releasing any energy that’s weighing you down. During the December 2021 full moon — which takes place in airy Gemini — it’s an important time to clear your plate of anything that’s distracting you from following your dreams as we prepare to enter a new year.

Getting in tune with the spiritual energy of the full moon is a great way to feel more connected with yourself and the universe around you. And given that this is the last full moon of the year, you won’t want to miss out on the magic. Read on to find out about the December 2021 full moon’s spiritual meaning and how to make it count.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Cold Moon?

Per the Farmer’s Almanac, the Cold Moon is a traditional nickname given to full moons that take place in December, and is inspired by the fact that these lunations occur near the date of the winter solstice — and obviously, the weather is pretty dang cold this time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere at least. Other nicknames for this lunation include the Snow Moon and Long Night Moon, both of which also illustrate the dark and chilly vibes of this full moon’s season.

These nicknames seem straightforward, but if we want to connect with this lunation more deeply, we can consider the Cold Moon’s symbolic significance, too. During this lunar moment, we’re challenged to stay present in our surroundings in order to find warmth, light, and connection — even if temperatures are dropping, darkness is falling, and things feel harsh. It’s a time to slough away all the distractions and unnecessary habits from your life and connect with the things truly matter. Igniting sparks of awareness and connection to bring light to this dark time of year is what the spiritual meaning of the Cold Moon is all about.

December’s Cold Moon peaks just a few days before the winter solstice, aka the first official day of winter and the end of Sagittarius season. This celestial event marks the longest night of the year, so this lunar climax will bring illumination to one of the year’s darkest periods. The spiritual meaning of the winter solstice is about introspection and finding the light, so during this lunation, it’s important to think deeply about your feelings and find ways to express them. It’s also a chance to tie up loose ends as we transition into a new meteorological and astrological season — and approach the beginning of a new calendar year.

How To Work With The Full Cold Moon Energy

The last new and full moons were both eclipses, meaning they brought about a lot of chaotic changes and were considered inauspicious periods for manifesting or moon rituals. But as the last full moon of the calendar year — and the first lunation since the end of eclipse season — the Cold Moon is a great time to resume your mystical moon practices and make some magic happen. This cosmic climax brings us a chance to release anything that’s holding us back as 2021 comes to a close. Using the revelations of eclipse season as a guide, think through everything that’s distracting you from being who you want to be and consciously leave it behind you.

Because this full moon takes place in the realm of communicative air sign Gemini, it’s a great time to embrace your social side and connect with people. If you want to make a moon ritual out of it, gather with your closest crew of witchy comrades to talk about what you’re letting go of as you enter a new year, as well what lessons you’ve learned throughout the course of the past one. Write out a list of what you plan to release, and burn it in a fire-safe bowl or fire pit to symbolize your freedom.

Because mental planet Mercury will be connecting with wounded-healer comet Chiron at the time of the full moon, it’s also a great opportunity to open up emotionally and have some meaningful heart-to-hearts to soothe your soul. Talking through your feelings during this full moon is an important path to healing, so instead of keeping painful memories or sensitivities bottled up inside of you, find a safe and supportive person who can listen to what you need to share. The perspective and illumination offered by this full moon can show us our feelings in a new light and inspire us to ask ourselves important questions that help us grow.