Bustle Newsletter: June 1, 2022

On how to maximize your rosé experience, '80s trends that should come back, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Rosé in a wine glass on the porch with a comfortable deck chair and blooming rose bushes in the back...

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Are We Drinking Rosé All Wrong?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re at a party. There’s a bottle of pink wine in an ice bucket. You pour some into a plastic cup, get distracted by a plate of food, and promptly forget about your glass. When you come back to it, 15, 20, 35 minutes later, what you thought would be a bracing, bright splash of sunshine in your mouth has become … flat. Warm. As refreshing as a formerly cold towel that’s been unrolled, swabbed over someone else’s face, and thrown on the floor. To avoid this disappointment, we talked to industry experts about how best to enjoy pink wine (besides responsibly!) this summer. Read More

The Latest

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Both Reacted To The Defamation Trial Verdict

The seven-person jury reached a verdict in the messiest trial in recent history earlier this afternoon. ICYMI: Depp won $15 million in damages for his libel lawsuit in the high-profile defamation case, while Heard was awarded $2 million in damages for her countersuit against her ex-husband’s former lawyer. Both parties reacted immediately afterwards, here’s what they said. Read More

Jada Pinkett Smith Just Opened Up About Will's Oscars Slap For The First Time

Two months after The Slap heard ‘round the world that resulted in Will’s ban from the Academy Awards for 10 years, his wife Jada talked about it on her podcast Red Table Talk. And! She shed light on the current sitch between her and Will. Read More

TikTok Users Are Going Viral By Using Celebrity Filters To Make Soap Opera Plots

In what’s been the best use of a filter on the platform recently, TikTokers are using celebrity randomizers to narrate murder mysteries and soapy dramas to hilarious results. In one, Zendaya is the victim, and Tom Holland is both the main suspect *and* lead detective, proving that this is how they should cast movies from now on. Read More

Must Reads

What Makes A Sally Rooney Sex Scene So Hot?

The effect of a Sally Rooney sex scene can best be described by this now-infamous Phoebe Bridgers tweet: “Finished Normal People and now I’m sad and horny oh wait.” But it’s one thing to imbue a novel with a feeling of longing, discovery, and agency — the written word provides plenty of access to characters’ internal thoughts — but physically conveying that on screen is another challenge entirely. Here’s exactly how they capture it so well. Read More

I'm Over Y2K Trends, Let's Bring Back The '80s

Even though the current zeitgeist is all (and I do mean all) about ‘90s and Y2K nostalgia, there’s a whole host of ‘80s trends not to be slept on. Who else is here for the Swatch watch revival? Read More


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