Bustle Newsletter: June 15, 2022

The super basic top EmRata & Rihanna wear on repeat, Jennifer Aniston’s debunked ‘Friends’ salad, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
NICE, FRANCE - MAY 23: Model Emily Ratajkowski is seen arriving ahead of the 75th annual Cannes film...
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The Super Basic Top EmRata & Rihanna Wear On Repeat

Besties, we’re here today to talk about the high-neck tank top: a relentlessly cool, boyish style that always reads laid-back and effortless. With a pair of straight-legged denim or wide-legged trousers, it’s the easiest way to throw together a simple summer ’fit with a ’90s edge. And while their versatility reigns supreme, not all are created equal, so here’s a few of our faves. Read More

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How To Apply Self-Tanner To Your Face Without Looking Like A Streaky Mess

Hopefully you’re dutifully applying SPF to your face every day — not just but especially during the summer when you’re more likely to be out frolicking — and, as we covered recently, in addition to any sunscreen that might be in your makeup. Assuming you are but you’re still in search of a little summer glow, here’s our advice for how to do it without winding up looking like Ross in that one Friends ep. Read More

Jennifer Aniston Spoke Out About *That* Friends TikTok Rumor

Speaking of Friends, this whole thing all started with an interview that Courteney Cox gave back in 2010, wherein she discussed a certain salad — a doctored up version of a Cobb, to be specific — that Aniston supposedly ate on set every day. More recently, a TikToker recreated it and naturally, it took off like crazy. But yesterday, Jen set the record straight: it’s not The Salad, unfortunately. She *does* still wear the dress she stole from Monica’s closet on set, though. Read More

Kylie Jenner & Dua Lipa Love This Y2K Nail Art

This resurrected 2000s motif has already taken over going-out tops, eyeliner designs, hair accessories, and now it’s here for your manis too. Read More

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Sami Miró Is Bringing Black Representation To Sustainability

A style icon in her own right (she was just inducted into the CFDA), Miró launched her label, Sami Miró Vintage, in 2016 with the founding principle that all the garments would be made from “locally sourced deadstock” and brand-exclusive sustainable fabrics. “Even if it’s much more difficult, much more expensive — [staying dedicated to sustainability] is the only option that I have. The other option, it doesn’t even exist.” Read More

The Meaning Behind Every Single Tarot Card, Explained

Whether you’re a seasoned witch or a total mystic newbie, tarot is a powerful tool to strengthen your intuition. Each card is charged with its own unique energy, which can deliver certain messages or offer a new perspective on your situation. And while you don’t need to be an expert, knowing the different meanings is key to getting the full scope of your reading. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

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