Bustle Newsletter: March 8, 2022

On the brow guru with a 200-person waiting list, spring's hottest hair color, and more.

Sydney Sweeney
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Meet The It-Girl-Approved Brow Guru With A 200-Person Waiting List

Before she’d opened her own studio, Azi Sacks worked at a boutique that sold a standard tweezer. “I used to open the tweezer package and tweeze customers’ eyebrows, and before I knew it, I would have a line of women waiting for me every Saturday. It was comical because it was a boutique,” she says. When customers started offering to buy clothes just so Sacks could do their brows, she realized she should be doing makeup. Here, she walks Bustle through her process (no waxing involved) and her best brow styling advice. Read More

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“Sunset Red” Is The Hottest Hair Color Right Now

Kendall Jenner debuted fresh copper locks at Paris Fashion Week, while Euphoria stars Sydney Sweeney and Barbie Ferreira have both recently been spotted sporting similarly crimson shades. (Zendaya had already set the stage with her iconic red hair at the show’s premiere.) So, expect to be seeing red for a while. Read More

This Skin Care Brand Basically Makes Topical Botox

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, a lot of those procedures boil down to pinning and tucking, or in the case of fillers, filling the space. None of them really addresses the root of the issue — a loss of tone and elasticity in the skin — which is exactly what Ourself’s products are engineered to address. Read More

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Can You Actually Afford To Quit Your Job?

While we all fantasize about putting in our two weeks when a 6 p.m. meeting gets added to our calendar, actually going through with it when you don’t have another gig lined up is gutsy. And the costs add up quickly, so planning to put all your expenses on a credit card and worry about it later… not a great strategy. Here, a financial planner takes us through all the questions you should think through before giving notice. Read More

Why On Earth Do Women On The Bachelor Want To Date Guys Like Their Dads?

In this excerpt from her new essay collection, Girls Can Kiss Now, Jill Gutowitz attempts to answer this question. “The easy and obvious answer is a ‘daddy issue.’ But, like everything in the world of queer dating, things are often different for queer women,” who, according to Gutowitz, operate more in the mommy issue space. “Lesbian mommy culture has exploded online in the past few years, and as an active participant in Lesbian Mommy Twitter — a sprawling and ravenous group of women who want Cate Blanchett to step on us — I want to explore this place.” This is the mommy phenomenon, aka The Phemommynon. Read More


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