Bustle Newsletter: March 9, 2022

On the most copyable looks from PFW, asking for what you want in bed, and more.

Yara Shahidi
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@GirlBossTown Has Advice For Kim & Pete Following The Kanye Feud

Five months ago, Robyn DelMonte (aka @GirlBossTown) was waiting tables and working retail at Anthropologie in Boston. Now, the 27-year-old calls herself “the Internet’s agent” and posts videos about the publicity moves she thinks celebs should be making to her 389,000 TikTok and 17,000 Instagram followers. Here, she speculates about why Kim fell for Pete in the first place, the power of the SNL appearance, and the splashy PR move she thinks would give Kim control of the narrative once again… which she might want to consider now that’s she’s being chewed up (by Jameela Jamil, no less) over that cringe Variety promo for the new Kardashian show. Read More

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Kate Middleton’s “Royal Shag” Haircut Deserves Your Attention

When bottleneck bangs make their way to Buckingham Palace, they get the royal rebrand, even if the duchess herself refers to them as “mum fringe.” Here’s how to get her not-quite-perfect shag cut. Read More

The Most Copyable Fashion & Beauty Moments From Paris Fashion Week

Designers showing in Milan took Julia Fox’s Black Swan look up a notch by incorporating bleached brows, which we saw even more of in Paris. But if you’re looking more, um, subtle inspiration, there was plenty of that too — from the sleek silver eye accents at Dior, the extremely good hair (and hair pins) at Chanel, to Yara Shahidi’s cropped trench coat, here’s a rundown of the looks that stood out most. Read More

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Why It’s So Hard To Ask For What You Want In Bed

The main issue? Because you’ve been lied to! We’re taught that sex should be automatically super-steamy-yet-also-comfortable when you’re compatible with someone, but that simply isn’t the case — there’s a lot more to it. Read More


I Meditated In The Metaverse & It's Completely Different From Traditional Mindfulness

Do you sit down to meditate and wind up being interrupted with intrusive thoughts like “Do I call my parents often enough for them to think I’m a good daughter?” and “Have I eaten enough vegetables this week, or am I on the verge of contracting scurvy?” If your anxiety gets in the way of your relaxation, metaverse meditation might be your ticket to more effective mindfulness. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Don’t believe the hype. Read More

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