Bustle Newsletter: May 17, 2022

On the return of the Ed Hardy aesthetic, divorce goals, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Millie Bobby Brown
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The Hailey Bieber-Approved Moisturizer I'll Be Slathering On All Summer

Beloved by beauty editors and celebrities, you may have spotted the brand’s Insta-famous, reusable eye patches on your feed (the aforementioned Mrs. Bieber is a devoted fan). “[It] is made of the best trifecta for moisturized skin: cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids,” says dermatologist Dr. Alexis Stephens — aka, all the stuff that keeps your skin “glued together.” Our overall review? A little pricey, but worth the hype. Read More

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The Ed Hardy Aesthetic Is Back In A Big Way

And it’s coming for your nails. Gothic, gilded crosses are the trendy manicure accessory of the moment — or, if you’re MGK, $30,000 worth of diamonds works well with the motorcycle chic look, too. Read More

Millie Bobby Brown's Blonde Hair Is Giving Britney Spears Circa 2002

The Stranger Things crew reunited on the red carpet in Brooklyn to promote season four of the show, and Brown showed up with long blonde locks (complete with bangs!) looking like a dead ringer for “Oops I Did It Again”-era Brit. Let’s get this biopic deal signed ASAP, please. Read More

Dua Lipa Is Reviving Your Least Favorite Styling Trend From The Aughts

2004: It was the best of times (golden era of going out tops); it was the worst of times (ubiquity of low-rise jeans). Filing under the latter: dresses and skirts over pants, which if history is any indication, is due for a comeback. Read More

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I Still Hang Out With My Ex-Husband And It's Not Messy At All

In an excerpt from the new anthology Sex and the Single Woman, writer Rosemary Donahue reflects on their divorce, and how they’ve stayed close with the person they now call “a love of my life.” Read More

Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Under-$30 Swimsuits And Cover-Ups

Truly, is there a more dreadful task than shopping for a new swimsuit? Your options are: trying on tiny pieces of clothing under harsh fluorescent lights in a dressing room (no thank you) or embarking on an endless cycle of buying something online, waiting a week for it to arrive, and ultimately returning it. Neither is ideal! Everything on this list is backed up by uber-positive reviews, and that’s a start. Read More


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