Bustle Newsletter: October 20, 2022

On TikTok's "red nail theory," how Scorpio season will affect every zodiac sign, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok's "Red Nail Theory"

Something must be in the air, because everyone seems to be seeing red this fall — red velvet hair, red eyeliner, and now red nails thanks to this new TikTok theory are all having a serious moment. The theory harbors the same general ~vibe~ as vabbing at the gym, but the science on this one is a little more sus. Read More

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How Scorpio Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign

TBH, every sign is going to be feeling intense over the next month, each for its own unique reason. But Scorpio season isn’t just about the heavy stuff — it’s also a fitting moment to explore your sensual side, too. Read More

Friendly Reminder To Check On Your Swiftie Friends Tonight

Taylor’s new album Midnights drops at, well, midnight, so gently remind your most Swift-inclined friends to hydrate, eat dinner, etc. etc. In honor of the singer’s 10th studio album, let’s take a look back at all her distinct style eras. Read More

The Best Bangs For Round Faces, According To Hairstylists

The feminine urge to get bangs in the fall is one of the great unexplained mysteries of the world, right up there with the Bermuda Triangle. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Millie Bobby Brown have been embracing the fringey look this season too, so if you’re feeling the itch, here’s exactly what to tell your stylist. Read More

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After winning the Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry when she was just 25, she was “shot out of a cannon” into mega-fame, but she never felt the pressure to prove that her early success had been a fluke. “I think that's a trap. That's a big, big trap,” she tells Bustle. Instead, she found ways to maintain her individuality, like riding her bike to award shows (!!) against the advice of her management. Read More

Betty Who Wants To Make Out With Her Girlfriends & Haunt Kesha

Even if you think you don’t, you probably know Betty Who from a certain viral video that was *everywhere* in 2013. Nearly a decade later, she’s finally ready to really introduce herself, with her fourth studio album, BIG!, cheekily inspired by her 6-foot-1 frame. “I'm actively trying to stand out and be myself as opposed to trying to hide with everybody else,” she tells Bustle. Here, she discusses her new album, which celebrity she wants at her funeral, and who she’d leave her husband for. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Thanks to the upcoming solar eclipse, tensions could run high. Read More

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