Bustle Newsletter: September 1, 2022

On a new book that exposes a major company's toxic work culture, how to stick with Sober September, and more.

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The Price Of Prestige At Goldman Sachs

Does a seven-figure paycheck make being demeaned on a daily basis worth it? (Spoiler alert, no!) But that’s what Jamie Fiore Higgins wondered over the two decades she worked at the huge financial firm Goldman Sachs. A twist on the Wolf of Wall Street trope, the New Jersey native was among the few women who rose to the ranks of managing director, but her professional success came at a cost: an alleged torrent of verbal harassment, a miscarriage in an office bathroom, and a workplace affair that almost destroyed her marriage. Finally, she quit, leaving a bunch of money on the table, and started working on the book that explores how the job changed her. Here, Higgins talks about her identity being wrapped up in work, her affair, and the cultish behaviors at the company. Read More

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The 4 Most Selfless Zodiac Signs

Typically, a sign’s ruling planet influences its basic personality traits while its element determines how a sign expresses itself, but with selflessness, it’s actually more about that sign’s core motivation — or in other words, it’s about the “why” not the “how.” So the next time you need help moving, *Robyn voice* call your Libra friend. Read More

The Best Apps To Help You Stick With Sober September

After a boozy, happy hour margarita-filled summer, maybe you’re feeling like you need a little break from your relationship with alcohol. (“It’s *actually* not me, it’s you.”) But whether you’re a Dry January pro or this is your first real sobriety experiment, these are the best apps to help you stick it out. Read More

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17 Photos Of Silver Fox Steve Carell That Will Make You Impatient For The Patient

ICYMI, Steve Carell is hot. Like, really hot. Like, could be the next James Bond hot. Or at least your best friend’s dad hot. He also has a new show out on Hulu called The Patient, but that’s not why we’re here today. Read More

Your September Tarot Reading Is Here

The call to action this month is to assess the areas of your life that feel stuck, and see where you can breathe new life into them by pursuing a goal, opportunity, or change that would make you feel more empowered and independent. So buy that LSAT prep book, delete/redownload Hinge, or build that shoe rack that you ordered three months ago and is still sitting in the box. Read More

At 28, Dr. Ruth Was Dancing The Conga & Working For $1 An Hour

The 94-year-old’s journey to becoming America’s most celebrated sex therapist was an improbable one. But after a hit radio show, 45 books, and a TV series, it’s not up for debate. “Not bad for a little immigrant without a high school diploma,” she tells Bustle. Not bad at all! Here she talks about what her life looked like at 28, learning English by partying (iconic), and why she doesn’t regret either of her first two marriages. Read More


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