The 4 Most Selfless Zodiac Signs

Astrologers weigh in on who’s likely to offer you a helping hand.

These are the most selfless zodiac signs.
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Although several different factors can explain why some people are more selfless than others, such as one’s upbringing, a person’s zodiac sign can also be pretty influential. According to astrologer Sophie Won, there’s one big thing that sets the most selfless zodiac signs apart from the rest.

When you’re trying to figure out why some people behave the way they do, digging deeper into their zodiac sign can reveal a lot. Typically, a sign’s ruling planet influences its basic personality traits while its element determines how a sign expresses itself. You can use these aspects of a zodiac sign to see how honest, responsible, or friendly someone may be.

But when it comes to selfessness, according to Won, a sign’s modality or element isn’t necessarily a strong indicator. “What ultimately makes a sign more or less selfless than others comes down to underlying motivation of that sign,” she says. “It’s the ‘why’ behind the sign versus the ‘how,’ which is what modality and element are.”

For example, if you’re ultimately motivated to create balance in all situations like Libra, there’s a good chance you’ll sacrifice your own needs to appease others. At the same time, if you’re driven by competition like Aries, Won says you’re more likely to be selfish because you prioritize your individual goals over the good of the entire team.

With that in mind, selfless zodiac signs are naturally motivated to help others in some way. These are the most selfless signs in the zodiac, according to Won.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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Cancer gets a special shoutout because they’re natural nurturers and caregivers. “They are the ‘mommy’ figures of the zodiac and thus have a very selfless quality,” Won says. They always open up their home to anyone who needs a safe space, and they’ll drop everything just to help a loved one in need. Like Pisces, they tend to take on other’s problems as if it were their own.

Although there’s nothing wrong with being caring, it’s key for Cancer zodiac signs to check in with their loved ones to see if what they’re doing is actually helpful. If it’s a little too much, it’s OK for them to take a step back and give their friends space to figure things out on their own.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is the sign that rules the house of partnerships. Because of this, they tend to look after those around them before they think of themselves, Won says. Libras value harmony in their relationships, so it’s common for them to sacrifice their own needs to make the other person happy. They’re very kind, loving, and gentle — which also means they can get taken advantage of.

It’s important for Libras to learn how to stand up for themselves, even if that means throwing things off balance for a bit. They’re air signs, so they have the natural ability to talk through problems. If they’re not afraid to keep the lines of communication open, they can have the balance they crave in relationships.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Virgo rules the sixth house of service, so they’re selfless by nature. According to Won, Virgos are driven by their need to help others. They don’t mind assisting with chores, and they’re quick to offer advice on anything and everything. “Although Virgo can be a bit of a perfectionist, they ultimately do try to do their best to help those in need,” Won says. “They genuinely get pleasure from being of service.”

But it’s important for Virgo to learn when to offer help and when to take a step back. They have a tendency to get into trouble when “suggestions” made out of love come off as criticism.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Sensitive and empathetic Pisces is one of the most selfless signs in the zodiac because they’re motivated to feel and understand those around them. They see the best in everyone. Even if their partner or a friend displays bad behavior, Pisces will look beyond that and will try to figure out what caused them to act this way and how they can heal. “These qualities make them extremely selfless but over-indexed,” Won says. “Pisces may feel like they’re always the martyrs and/or self-sacrificing heroes.”

It’s crucial for Pisces to learn that they can’t save everyone, or else they may get sucked into someone else’s problems. Setting boundaries and sticking to them will help them have healthier relationships.


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