Bustle Newsletter: September 21, 2022

On Kim K's new credit card earrings, the *actual* most dramatic 'Bachelorette' finale ever, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
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The Mastermind Behind Your Favorite Beauty Tools That Sell Out In Minutes

It is fairly well-established at this point that richness breeds hotness. The stuff that celebrities do all the time to look the way they look — fancy facials, regular salon appointments, eyebrow transplants, injectables, what have you — is all prohibitively expensive for anyone without an impressive amount of disposable income. That was the problem that Jamie O’Banion sought to solve with her line of competitively priced skin care products and tools. “The single mom who can’t afford to go get a hydration facial every week but deserves it shouldn’t be denied access to those benefits,” she tells Bustle. And clearly, she was onto something, because her products sell out instantly. Read More

The Latest

Kim Kardashian’s Latest Out-There Accessory Is… A Credit Card

As established in the newsletter last week, Julia Fox is in her plastic wrap era, and Kim now appears to be in her plastic card era. (JK, those things are probably made of, like, titanium or canary diamonds.) Too bad the papp photos didn’t capture the card’s number, though. Where’s the cop show-esque “Computer, enhance” technology when you need it? Read More

It Finally Happened: The Season Finale Of The Bachelorette Was Actually The Most Dramatic Ever

Every year, multiple times a year, Bachelor Nation is presented with the promise that the season finale will be “the most dramatic ever.” If that were actually the case, after 177 seasons or whatever number we’re at now, the stakes of this two-to-three-hour television event would be astronomical. It is a high bar they’ve set for themselves, but last night’s messiness might have actually achieved it. Adam Levine is probably thankful for Tino for giving the internet someone else to make memes about. Read More

This Is BeautyTok's Favorite Lip Liner Trick For A Fuller-Looking Pout

TikTok trends cycle through at warp speed, but no matter what aesthetic reigns supreme at the given moment, a full, pouty lip is always part of the equation. We talked to a makeup artist to get the tips on how to nail it without looking like you’re entering your Joker era. Read More

Must Reads

If You Think Joyce Carol Oates’s Tweets Are Wild, Try Her Books

Oates has lost track of the number of books she’s written — the internet estimates 58. Last year, at age 83, she published four. But millennials and Gen Z might be more familiar with her tweets than her literary works (though that might change now that Blonde has been made into a buzzy Netflix movie starring Ana de Armas). So why do her tweets find viral success? Well… because she’s kind of a sh*tposter. Read More

Brad Pitt Has A Surprising New Career

In true Hollywood Hippie Dad fashion, Brad Pitt is a sculptor now — and not in the sense that your friend says they’re a sculptor after taking one (1) pottery class — but in a showing-work-in-an-actual-gallery way. The pieces are legitimately very impressive (and also huge). Maybe he’ll collab with Seth Rogen’s ceramics brand someday. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a good day. Read More

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