The Most Common Traits Of A Cancer-Leo Cusp

They’ve got hearts of gold.

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A woman takes a photo in the sun. These are the most common traits of a cancer-leo cusp sign.
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Every summer, on July 22 or 23, the sun steps out of the watery ocean of Cancer season and kicks off the glamorous and glitzy fire of Leo season. If you were born around these mid-summer dates, then perhaps you identify with having Cancer-Leo cusp sign traits.

Astrologically speaking, the concept of being a “cusp sign” is actually a myth: It’s impossible for any of the planets in astrology to be located in more than one zodiac sign at a time. Even if you were born during the last minute of Cancer season, you’d still be considered a Cancer sun sign and not a Cancer-Leo hybrid. That said, influential personality planets like Mercury and Venus stay close to the sun as it moves through the zodiac, so Cancers born later in July are more likely to have significant Leo-ruled planets in their chart, and vice versa for a July-born Leo. This combination of placements can bestow someone with characteristics typical of both Cancer and Leo zodiac signs, or what people call Cancer-Leo cusp traits.

When the sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo each year, it marks a cosmic transition that can be experienced by everyone, regardless of their zodiac sign. Gentle and feelings-focused Cancer season kicks off with the summer solstice, inspiring us to tend to our inner-worlds and build stronger emotional connections. Once Leo season begins, the sun is officially in its home turf, and its energy helps us to embrace the dog days of summer with joy, passion, and boosted confidence. The sun’s move over the Cancer-Leo cusp is a powerful and heartfelt one, which makes connecting with Cancer-Leo cusp traits beneficial to all of us — even if you don’t have planets in either of these signs.

Being a cusp sign may not be an actual astrological concept, but people born near the Cancer-Leo cusp may still have a powerful combination of both signs’ energies in their cosmic profile. Read on for the most common traits of a Cancer-Leo cusp.

Cancer-Leo Cusps Have Huge Hearts

Cancers are known for being one of the most caring signs of the zodiac, as these intuitive water babies have the uncanny ability to tap into other people’s feelings, create emotional safe spaces, and offer compassionate comfort to those in need. While Leos may not be quite as empathy-driven as their sentimental neighbors, these gregarious fire signs are bursting with warmth and generosity. They’re always ready to offer a helping hand or gas someone up who’s feeling down. After all, Cancer is the sign that rules the home, but Leo is the sign that rules the heart!

Cancer-Leo Cusps Are Powerful Leaders

Cancer and Leo are the only two signs of the zodiac ruled by one of the luminaries, aka the sun and moon. These two light-giving celestial bodies are often given special significance and recognition in astrology, as they’re the only two “planets” we can see with our naked eye on a daily basis. This imbues both Cancers and Leos with an innate sense of power, leadership, and notoriety — qualities that are likely even more enhanced for someone born on the Cancer-Leo cusp. Whether it’s at work or within relationships, Cancer-Leo cusps were born to shine.

Cancer-Leo Cusps Need Lots Of Attention

What do you get when you blend a Cancer’s hypersensitivity with a Leo’s flair for dramatics? Someone who wants loads of attention, that’s who! It’s no surprise that Leos love to be noticed, as these flamboyant cosmic superstars always want to be in the spotlight and have all eyes on them. However, for introspective Cancers, the desire for attention is less obvious — as it usually only shows up in close relationships. If a Cancer feels ignored, unseen, or disregarded by someone they care about, expect their crabby claws to come out and the silent treatment to ensue.

Cancer-Leo Cusps Are Drawn To The Arts

Leos are born for the spotlight, as these passion-fueled fire signs love to express themselves through creativity. Their dramatic personalities lend themselves to performing arts, music, and more. While Cancers tend to be a little less theatrical than their leonine siblings, these emotion-driven water signs are bursting with poetic feelings that bring depth and meaning to any creative endeavors. That’s why it’s no surprise that Cancer-Leo cusps are artistic.

Cancer-Leo Cusps Are In Touch With Their Inner Child

In modern astrology, Cancer zodiac energy is often associated with the domestic fourth house of the zodiac, which is all about home, our parents, and the power of the past. Meanwhile, Leo is associated with the heart-centered fifth house of the zodiac, which represents children, hobbies, and having fun. Combined, this emphasis on familial themes, childlike joy, and early-life memories imbues Cancer-Leo cusp people with a deep connection to their inner child. Both Cancers and Leos want to nurture the vulnerable and free-spirited kid that exists within their heart — and they’re usually great with kids, too!

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