6 Dos & Don'ts During December's Full Moon

Make the most of 2020's final lunation.

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The last full moon of 2020 is rising on December 29, and it's bringing forth lots of feelings as we close out this intense year. After the chaos of the new moon eclipse earlier this month, the December 2020 full moon delivers us a warm, healing moment of reflection that encourages self-care and aligns us with our goals for the year ahead. It's our last opportunity to connect with a major lunation in 2020, so you'll want to know the do's and don'ts of the December 2020 full moon to ensure you make the most of it.

Rising in the realm of cardinal water sign Cancer, December's full moon wraps up the year with a giant swell of emotions and gently pushes us toward working through them. Because Cancer is a naturally nurturing zodiac sign, it's an ideal time to prioritize self-care, connect with the people who make you feel comfortable, and get in touch with any pent-up emotions.

Full moons always mark an especially illuminating moment in the lunar cycle, but because this one takes place just before the start of a new year, it feels extra special — and the vibes are extra ripe for the taking. Here's the scoop on how to make the most of the December 2020 full moon.

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DO: Explore Your Mystical Side

The full moon in intuitive Cancer marks a great time to dive into your spiritual practice and seek cosmic advice for the new year. "Tarot, astrology, and other practices can cut through the unknown during this full moon and provide a clarifying direction," astrologer Seth Vermilyea of Psychics1on1 tells Bustle. Try a full moon tarot spread or do a healing crystal meditation to connect with the lunar vibes.

DON'T: Push Aside Your Emotions

Full moons in astrology bring up lots of emotions — especially when they take place in sentimental water signs like Cancer. It's important to embrace all of your deepest feelings now, as this full moon offers us an opportunity to work through heavy emotions and find healthy ways to release them. Seek out cathartic experiences and connect with people who will nurture your soft side.

DO: Plan A New Year's Moon Ritual

Eclipses in astrology can be chaotic, so they're not considered a good time for doing manifestations or spell work. However, as the first major lunation since the end of autumn's eclipse season, December's full moon is ideal for a fun, witchy pre-New Year's Eve moon ritual to help cast your intentions off into the ether.

DON'T: Be Stubborn About Bad Habits

Full moons are helpful for releasing bad habits and letting go of things that aren't serving us anymore, but having the moon in moody Cancer can make us sensitive to even the most constructive of criticism. Avoid running away if a loved one or close friend tries to offer up some advice. "Don't be indignant, even if you have more experience than the person giving advice," Vermilyea says.

DO: Prioritize Your Comfort

Cancer rules the fourth house in astrology, which is all about the home and family — so this moon's themes will inspire us to seek refuge in our personal sanctuaries. "Home is where the heart is under this full moon — and where you’ll feel the most safe," Vermilyea says. Listen to your heart and retreat into a comfortable space where you can freely bask in your full moon feelings.

DON'T: Close Your Heart To Unexpected Opportunities

Both the full moon and the sun will be making positive connections to rebellious Uranus, the planet of great awakenings. As a result, this lunation could bring unpredictably exciting changes our way, so long as we keep our hearts open to them. "As new paths are revealed, explore them — hold on to the new ideas, trust the creativity, and let yourself be inspired to start a new adventure," Vermilyea says. "Let go of the rules that others have defined for you."