The Best Self-Care Hack To Try In 2020, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

young yoga woman at spring mountain peak

Just last night, while on the phone with a friend who'd just been fired from her job without warning, we lamented that 2020 has been a long year so far. And then, of course, we walked that statement back in slight horror, realizing that it's only been a mere three weeks since we entered the new decade. Um, yikes. To be fair, these few weeks have been pretty intense as far as astrology goes, and I'm betting that some self-care hacks for each zodiac sign will be an essential part of everyone's new 2020 routine.

In any case, let's review the astrological kickoff to 2020, shall we? We entered the decade via Capricorn season, as always, but that intense, goal-oriented, work-till-you-drop Capricorn energy was intensified tenfold by the Capricorn stellium (during which the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto were all squeezed into one single sign). We were then hit hard with a full moon lunar eclipse in emotional Cancer on Jan. 10, and then a couple days later, cursed with one of the most intense, chaotic, transformational transits in decades with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on Jan. 12. Whew. If you're not practicing self-care right now, my friends, I implore you to start now.

Bustle chatted with tarot reader Sarah Potter about the spiritual importance of self-care, and why all zodiac signs should focus on it in 2020. "Self-care is an essential practice, as it is the best way to refill our own proverbial cups," Potter explains. "If you have nothing left in you to give, how can you be of service to others as a good co-worker, friend, or partner? Self-care allows us to energetically replenish."

The truth is that self-care is completely unselfish. By refilling our own cups, as Potter puts it, or charging our own batteries, we actually ensure that we have more to give to others. Caring for ourselves in creative and spiritual new ways gives us more energy to efficiently share our love, services, and talents with the world.

Here are some simple and creative self-care hacks for each zodiac sign in 2020 that will make spiritually recharging fun, mystical, and magical.

Aries: Master A Daily Yoga Pose


2020 is going to be a big and busy year for you on the career front, Aries, but becoming a workaholic definitely isn't the key to self-care. Picking up a healthy new hobby that distracts both your body and your mind from work is a must, so try hacking your self-care routine by mastering a daily yoga pose. Try a new pose each week or so, and practice it daily. By the end of 2020, you'll have a full flow routine down!

Taurus: Splurge On A Self-Care Themed Subscription Box

You're getting your finances in check through 2020, and that means you'll have some extra cash in your bank account to put toward pampering yourself. Indulge by signing up for a spiritually-minded subscription box so you can try new self-care goodies every month without having to go shopping. Goddess Provisions is a Taurus dream, as their packages are "curated around specific self-care themes aimed at helping busy women prioritize self-care, connect with the divine feminine and grow their spiritual practice." Perfection.

Gemini: Give Meditation A Shot


Stepping back from the drama is a must this year, Gemini, as you've got tons of spiritual growth taking place inside of you very quickly. Slow down your racing thoughts and distract yourself from the issues that other people will undoubtedly project onto you to help you stay on track — the most surefire way to do that is to make even 10 minutes a day to meditate. Experiment to find a method you like: Give some meditation apps a shot (Meditation Studio is a good one!), or mix it up and try a crystal meditation session.

Cancer: Embrace Your Inner Minimalist


If it's true that our surroundings often reflect our internal landscape, then in 2020, you should ensure that your living space is 100% clean and serene — because serenity is what you deserve. Embrace your inner minimalist: Clean out your closets, host a clothing swap to get rid of stuff you don't need, and employ other organization hacks in your home so that everything has a place. You'll feel so much more clear-minded — and it'll help give you the boost you need to clean the toxic people out of your life this year, too.

Leo: Make Your Beauty Routine More Mindful


You've got extremely lofty goals for yourself this year, Leo, and it's important that you build up your confidence to a point where you feel ready to tackle them all head-on. If you're going to spend time beautifying your bad self anyway, you might as well make your pampering time more mindful! Throw on a meditation app next time you do your favorite face mask, say positive affirmations to yourself aloud while you do your makeup routine, or try a beauty-enhancing crystal facial grid before bed once a week.

Virgo: Make Time For Reading Nightly


2020 is all about learning new things, stimulating your mind, and expanding horizons for you, Virgo. But you don't have to go out and get an impulse-tattoo after zip-lining in Costa Rica in order to expand your horizons. You can start by vowing to make time to read in your busy schedule! Setting aside a little time for reading before bed is a self-care hack in that it stimulates your mind and makes you more well-read, but also helps you to decompress and chill before going to sleep (a nice alternative to scrolling Instagram, that's for sure). There are some major gems to add to your 2020 reading list, too, so indulge by placing a book order or perusing your favorite IRL bookstore.

Libra: Create An Inspiring New Morning Routine


This year is all about aligning with your sign's No. 1 cup of tea: balance. You're analyzing every part of your life to figure out how to incorporate the things you want and cut out the things you don't so you have more space to move freely and conquer your goals. How we start our day can set the entire tone for the rest of it, so by developing an uplifting and creatively inspiring morning routine, you have the power to hack your whole schedule. Create a daily routine that incorporates both the functional aspects of starting your day and some spiritually-recharging activities like yoga or meditation.

Scorpio: Tap Into The Healing Power Of Essential Oils


This year, you're stepping deeper into your personal power and shedding your inhibitions, Scorpio. As you embrace all different parts of yourself and take in new experiences, taking care of your emotional and physical health becomes even more important — and utilizing the healing power of essential oil is an easy and fun self-care hack. Essential oils have the double-strong power of smelling delightful in your home while also having many different purported mental and physical benefits. Get a few favorite scents and a diffuser, and try for yourself.

Sagittarius: Cook More Healthy, Nourishing Meals


Budgeting is a big goal for you this year, but we know saving isn't always easy for an excitement-chasing free spirit like yourself. Hack your wallet and your self-care game by committing to cooking more healthy, nourishing meals for yourself (and your loved ones!) at home this year and adding a whole menu of new recipes to your personal collection. This will help you save money by not eating out so often, and it'll also keep you feeling healthier. Plus, it feels good to get in touch with your food and know you're making time to care for yourself.

Capricorn: Expand Your Horizons And Do Some Traveling


Lucky Jupiter, planet of expansion and growth, will spend most of 2020 in your sign, Capricorn — and that blessing is not something to sleep on, as it only happens every 13 years! Take advantage of the mind-expanding, travel-bug-inducing vibes, and book yourself a few small trips (or perhaps even a big one!) to break up your crazy workload and give yourself some much-needed (and likely overdue) vacations. Decide where to travel in 2020 by listening to your heart — follow your excitement!

Aquarius: Get In Touch With Your Sensual Side

Connection is important to you, and in 2020, you're going to want to have the support of those you love by your side through your adventures. But it's important to have the support of yourself too, and you can speak in a new language to yourself by making more time to get sensual. Hack your wellness routine by getting a gorgeously-scented candle that doubles as a massage oil, like these nontoxic and cruelty-free DedCool Massage Candles. Make your space more zen, and indulge in sensual massages by yourself or with a partner.

Pisces: Incorporate Crystal Healing Into Your Spiritual Practice


This is a big year for you, Pisces, as you're learning to speak up for yourself and state your needs — all despite your fear of confrontation. Stepping into your power is always worth it, but it can be tough, so upping your spiritual game this year and incorporating crystal healing practices can be a helpful way to ground yourself and offer yourself a little extra spiritual support. There are many crystals for stress-relief that can be used to help you find your zen on stressful days, so give it a try for yourself.