7 Dos & Don'ts During December's New Moon Eclipse

There are lots of silver linings to this life-changing lunation.

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December 14 marks the final new moon of the year. But the December 2020 new moon isn't your average lunation — it's also a total solar eclipse. Eclipses are known for bringing shake-ups and sudden shifts to our trajectories. Keeping in mind some basic December 2020 new moon eclipse do's and don'ts can help you use the vibes to your advantage.

December's new moon dishes up a double dose of Sagittarius zodiac energy, as both the sun and moon will be aligned together in this adventurous and free-spirited fire sign's territory as they link up for the solar eclipse. This lunation will be cuddled up with communication planet Mercury in Sagittarius, too, which helps us to think and talk through our new moon emotions with a sense of logic. But watch out, because all those Sag planets will also be squaring off with haze-maker Neptune, which casts a fog of confusion over the events of the eclipse, making it hard to see what lies ahead.

Don't let the eclipse's chaos and Neptune's blurry-eyed influence intimidate you, though. Eclipses in astrology herald in change in large doses, but it's all about re-aligning us with our fate. Whatever happens now was bound to happen anyway — the eclipse simply ushers it in on hyperdrive — so embrace the shifts, even if they feel disorienting. Plus, a positive trine aspect with energetic Mars brings a motivational boost to this new moon that'll encourage us to believe in ourselves and focus on our goals, even in the midst of lunar upheaval.

Read on for everything you should and shouldn't do during the December 2020 new moon eclipse.

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DO: Stay Positive, Even If Things Get Rocky

Eclipses are unstable astrological periods because they require us to adjust to lots of change during a short amount of time. And while it can be hard not to let your new moon emotions get the best of you, know that Sagittarius energy is all about broadening our horizons and maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. That said, if the new moon gives you lemons, don't sit around and pout about it — taking a glass-half-full approach to life can make a big difference under these lunar conditions.

DON'T: Hide Inside Your Comfort Zone

"The energies of this eclipse will be expansive and energizing, and we will be more prone to trying something different and adventurous," astrologer Leslie Hale of tells Bustle. Embrace the free-spirited vibe of this Sagittarius-ruled lunation as you brave forward into the eclipses shake-ups.

DO: Get In Touch With Your Dreams & Aspirations

Sagittarius is represented by the archer, and with the new moon here, we'll be inspired to shoot our arrows up toward our highest and loftiest goals. Eclipses aren't a good time to set intentions or do any moon manifestation rituals (the energy is too erratic and powerful). However, "this eclipse joins Mercury, [so] it relates to how we think and communicate," Hale says. "It is also in positive aspect to Mars, giving you the energy to act toward your goals." These powerful planets are on your side for this one.

DON'T: Make Any Rash Decisions

Eclipses in astrology are all about fate, so the things that happen now tend to send ripples through our foreseeable futures. "A solar eclipse can be something of a turning point, and decisions made at this time can have long-lasting implications in the future," Hale says. Instead of trying to charge forward on an endeavor or suddenly starting something new, sit back and wait for the intensity of the eclipse to wane.

DO: Indulge In Sensory Pleasures To De-Stress

Luxurious planet Venus will have a harmonious meeting with lucky Jupiter, which gets us in a lusciously indulgent mood in spite of the eclipse's upheaval. "Venus sextiles Jupiter [during the new moon], which is indicative of pleasure, harmony and social events and puts a pleasant spin on things," Hale says. Boost your spirits by indulging in yummy desserts, having romantic time with a lover, or lighting scented candles.

DON'T: Jump Into Serious Deals Or Contracts

Usually new moons are great time to take initiative and start something new, but eclipses are the exception to that rule. Illusive planet Neptune is mixing up with the new moon's vibe and making communication feel extra confusing. "With Mercury square Neptune, use caution in terms of any business dealings or opportunity that may arise," Hale says. "You want to make certain any opportunity is legitimate." Put off any serious agreements until a few days after the eclipse-haze has passed.

DO: Shield Yourself Against Bad Energy

With hazy Neptune casting a shadow of confusion over the already-chaotic eclipse, we'll be a little extra vulnerable — so take extra precautions to protect your heart, your spirit, and your health. "A harsh aspect to Neptune can make you feel confused, weak and lethargic," Hale says. "You must protect yourself from lies, deception, and mistruths." Words of advice? Try not to believe everything you hear and be selective about who you open up to. You can protect your spiritual energy by carrying a protective healing crystal in your bag, sporting your favorite piece of lucky 'evil eye' jewelry, or doing a new moon meditation to keep the bad juju at bay.