Here's Why Fixed Zodiac Signs Can Struggle During New Moons

Turn around your mood with these three rituals.

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Why fixed zodiac signs struggle with new moons

Even if horoscopes and Co-Star updates are as far as your interest in astrology goes, you might still be aware of the lunar cycle’s significance to the zodiac. When it comes to new moons, they’re all about fresh starts. They’re the ideal time to start new habits, learn a skill, or decide to get bangs. Every zodiac sign will respond differently to each new moon depending on what sign la luna is stationed in, but some may have a tougher time than others harnessing the new moon’s shifts no matter what. Their resistance to change is one of the reasons why fixed signs struggle with new moons.

The modalities in astrology (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) represent the zodiac sign’s energetic expression. Fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorprio, and Aquarius — are unwavering, determined, and well, a little bit stubborn. That’s because these loyal signs tend to stand firm in their beliefs and defend their loved ones, regardless if they’re wrong. And because they constantly seek stability, they can sometimes get intimidated by the unknown that change brings.

“New moons are an opportunity to plant fresh seeds, but fixed signs typically prefer to tend to the garden they’ve already nurtured,” Erin River Sunday, resident astrologer for Birthdate Co. tells Bustle. “New moon energy might conflict with fixed signs because starting something new isn’t always a fixed sign’s modus operandi.”

It’s important to note that although new moons generally symbolize a fresh slate, the vibes of each lunation depend on which zodiac sign its stationed in. Sunday says that fixed signs will feel more at ease when la luna is stationed in another fixed sign. But if the new moon is happening in a cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn), Sunday says fixed signs are challenged to step outside their safety zones and take initiative. If the moon is in a shapeshifting mutable sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces), the new moon may “have the potential to be the most irritating to fixed signs, because the energy is changeable and difficult to grasp,” Sunday explains.

How Fixed Signs Can Overcome Problems During New Moon Cycles

Despite the obstacles new moons may bring to fixed signs, there are plenty of ways they can overcome them. More specifically, there are different practices they can use to combat stubbornness and accept the changes that come their way.

Repeating Mantras

Affirmations are the best way to make something stick, which is why fixed signs can use mantras to help them cruise through the new moon’s changes. Sunday says repeating mantras like “I can welcome a new idea without reinventing the entire wheel,” and “Change is required for growth,” are great reminders that the unknown can bring new opportunities. The only way to be abundant is to accept shifts that a new start can bring.


Journaling is a great way for fixed signs to communicate their needs and define their expectations for the new moon. Sunday suggests using prompts that focus on the positives of change like “When has change improved my life?” or “When was the last time I took a risk that paid off?” Writing down your reservations against change can help you identify the root cause of the resistance, while honing in the benefits of embracing the unknown may help you warm up to uncertainty.

An Untethering Ritual

The fear of the unknown isn’t necessarily what intimidates a fixed sign. Take Aquarius, for example — this rebellious air sign is all about progressing humanity forward. Sometimes, it’s being too proud or fearful of letting things go in order to make those shifts.

An untethering ritual involves meditating and focusing on what you want to detach from. As you begin to focus on your breath, think about a person or situation you’re trying to let go of. Focus on the details of this person or thing and imagine there’s a cord connecting you to it. Imagine you’re taking scissors and cutting the cord while you repeat a mantra like, “I untether myself from this energy in order to heal and move forward.”

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