Here Are 7 Ways To Manifest Getting Rich

Be specific and visualize the life you truly desire.

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It might be time to manifest if you’ve been hustling, working overtime, or saving money for a rainy day, but it still doesn’t feel like you’ve reached your full potential. You can do so by way of vision boarding and repeating positive mantras to get a couple thousand — or at least a couple extra hundred — dollars in your bank account.

According to astrologer Babs Cheung, manifesting is as easy as focusing on a goal. “When people say they want to manifest something, they are saying that they want to align their energy with the thing they want,” she tells Bustle. “By tuning into this frequency — AKA the feeling of receiving something — it’s possible to condition the brain to seek out opportunities to gain that thing.”

This is why you can’t just create a vision board and then sit back and wait for everything on it to come true. You have to manifest while living your life to the fullest so good things have a better chance of coming your way. “In my opinion, the method of manifestation uses our confirmation bias to help us achieve our desires at an accelerated pace,” Cheung says.

There are some classic manifestation techniques to try, like positive mantras or witchier options that might appeal to the more mystically-minded. Here are a few ways to manifest more money, according to experts.

Getting In The Manifestation Mindset

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Manifesting is mostly mental. To get what you want in life, you need to do things that’ll convince your brain that you’ve already gotten what you wanted and that good things have already come your way. According to Cheung, living and breathing those thoughts as if they’ve already come true is half the battle. Once you get in the right head space, there are other rituals you can do.

1. Make It Personal

Instead of thinking about a vague hope or dream, like “I want to be rich” or “I want a new car” try to think about how that extra money would impact your life or what it would feel like to drive the car.

“The more personal you are with your manifestation, the more specific you can get, and the more details you place into the carefully laid plans, the better aligned you’ll be with the frequency of what you’re manifesting,” says Cheung.

Instead of geeking out about the color of the car you want, or dreaming about going on a tropical vacation, Cheung recommends thinking about how much you’d value the reliable transportation, how at peace you would feel on a soothing getaway, and how those things would make your life happier.

The more vividly you can picture it and live in it, the stronger your manifestation will be.

2. Get Into The Right Frequencies

Think of your manifestation as vibes, frequencies, thoughts, or waves that are sent to the universe. This will be particularly helpful if you’ve been feeling broke or stuck in a certain place in life right now. If that’s the case, Cheung recommends practicing gratitude exercises to reset and change your tone.

“Gratitude puts your body into [a state of] ease instead of stress,” she says. “For those willing to amplify this, consider aligning yourself with the frequency of generosity. Find ways to give back, whether it’s by volunteering or helping friends out.”

Volunteering allows you to connect with people around you, and that, in turn, creates a feeling of abundance. It will also show the universe that you aren’t in a scarcity mindset.

By clinging to the time, money, or resources you already have, you’re essentially admitting to the universe that you’re broke — and that’s not what you want to do.

3. Be Prepared

Have you ever looked at houses on Zillow even though you don’t have any money to buy them, or planned a vacation even though you had no intention of actually booking it? That was basically a form of manifestation. Cheung recommends planning ahead in the same way, almost as if you’re a financial advisor, as a way to welcome more money into your life.

To show the universe you’re already rich, create a budget using a spreadsheet. “Let’s say you want to manifest a million dollars,” she says. “In this example, let’s say for the sake of easy math, you now have $500,000 left over because of taxes. After setting your $500k budget, you will then plan out your daily routine — because this is definitely going to change.”

Where would you live? Where would you travel? How would you invest? Think about it all, as if it’s already happened. “This is where vision boards and Pinterest can help with visuals,” she says. “If you’re planning a move, use StreetEasy or Zillow to figure out the dream home and realistic price points, or if you are planning a dream vacation, find the ideal Airbnbs to call home.”

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4. Say Affirmations In The Mirror

To take the good old-fashioned manifestation route, Cheung suggests saying positive affirmations in the mirror at the start of every day. Try “Money flows freely to me,” “I am abundant and secure,” or “I am financially confident and I naturally attract good fortune.”

It also wouldn’t hurt to write these money manifests on a note and stick them to your mirror, by your front door, or next to your computer. Anything you can do to remind your brain that you’re already abundant will be a good start, she says.

5. Leave Coins Around As Reminders

Here’s an easy ritual: leave coins or dollar bills around your home as physical reminders of abundance, says Cheung. Tape a $20 to the wall by your desk, keep quarters by your bedside table, and put a lucky penny in your pocket. Every time you see your cash, think about your money manifestations.

6. Create A Vision Board

If you’re feeling artsy, consider making a visual reminder of all your would-be riches and wealth using a digital scrapbook — or a trusty journal and magazine cut-outs. Remember, it’s most powerful if you base your manifestation on how you hope to feel and what you’d like to do once you’re rich, instead of the material things you hope to own. Create a collage of a future you who’s happy, thriving, and secure.

7. Blow Cinnamon At Your Front Door

Cinnamon is a spice that’s been used in many cultures for seasoning, but also for abundance rituals, so Cheung recommends trying it. On the first of the month or the new moon, place some cinnamon in your right palm and blow it into your front door, then let it sit for a day before you clean it up. This spice represents the sun and abundance, so it should help bring more wealth your way.


Babs Cheung, astrologer