3 Zodiac Signs July’s New Moon Will Hit The Hardest

A little self-care will go a long way.

Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn zodiac signs will be most affected by July's new moon.
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As the world starts to open up again, it can seem as though the collective is adjusting to a new normal — new health protocols, new ways of socializing, and for some of us, an entirely new outlook on life. We can liken this spirit to the energy of the new moon, which, according to astrology, inspires transformative change and helps us adjust to life’s ever-changing waters. More specifically, the July 2021 new moon will begin on July 9 and enters the ultra-sensitive and intuitive sign of Cancer.

This energy will call on the collective to investigate our habitual patterns as they relate to our closest partnerships. More specifically, we could be challenged to take a long, hard look in the mirror and make amends with ourselves. If you aren’t emotionally expressive, it might be time to break out a journal and try to make sense of your feelings because Cancer’s energy will force us to understand our emotional reactions. For the select few zodiac signs most affected by July’s new moon, this can be a particularly critical time to prioritize self-care.

“New moons are a monthly energetic reset. As the moon grows in light, whatever we’re working toward grows as well,” Ryan Marquardt, resident astrologer for The SoulUnity, tells Bustle. “In Cancer — the moon’s home sign! — the work we do may come at a more emotional level.”

Cancer’s energy influences us to take a look at how we prioritize our home life and care for our deepest selves. “If you’re making a wish list or setting intentions [under] this new moon, make sure you’re not too starry-eyed about the possibilities of ‘what could be’ in the future,” warns Marquardt. If you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by July’s new moon, you could be called to reconsider how you prioritize your well-being under this lunation.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20 - May 20)

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You’re usually the first to indulge in luxury, Taurus, and this new moon will heighten your sense of self-care. However, this lunation is not only about your spiritual growth — this moon phase often brings about necessary and uncomfortable change, which isn’t something a fixed earth sign wants to hear amidst a spa day. This is illuminated further since your ruling planet Venus will square Uranus (the planet ruling shock and change). This aspect can bring surprises to your door, but it’ll be up to you on how you show up and answer. You might encounter a shocking and devastating change to your personal relationships that’s impossible to ignore. But the new moon could be your chance to restructure your partnerships to better serve your highest purpose.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 21-July 22)

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This charged lunation is the ideal time to be a little selfish with your time and indulge in quality self-care. While this might seem like an off-hand move for the nurturing Cancer, it’s OK to limit others’ access to you during the new moon, especially if you’re using this time to manifest a new opportunity or goal. Remember that self-care is more than drawing baths in a face mask — it also involves having uncomfortable conversations with yourself, like making amends with your shortcomings and rewriting negative self-talk.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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July’s new moon can serve as a huge wake-up call to you, Capricorn! You could be challenged to choose yourself over the needs of others, especially within the workplace — which could be difficult considering your allegiance to your career and creative pursuits. But putting yourself first is hardly stingy. July’s new moon could introduce an entirely new structure of self-care. That said, new moon energy has a tendency to welcome the kind of change that disrupts your flow, which can feel threatening to the systems you already have in place. Be open to going off-script every now and then.