3 July 2022 Full Buck Moon Manifestations

A Capricorn moon during Cancer season spells magic.

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Full moons get a lot of attention, but the reasons why go beyond their mesmerizing high beams. In astrology, the full moon is a period of confronting hidden emotions and putting the final touches on your projects, making it a great opportunity to manifest your dreams. And you’ll want to bring your biggest and most ambitious goals during the July 2022 full buck moon, which illuminates the sky on July 13 in enterprising Capricorn. This go-getter lunation is all about using logic and practicality to help us double down on our objectives. What’s more, Saturn, the planet governing discipline (and also Capricorn’s planetary ruler), is retrograde, heralding heavy themes of hard work, dedication, and plenty of tough love. If you want to channel your inner boss babe and maximize your goals, you’ll want to try these July 2022 full buck moon manifestations.

Manifesting is the idea that you can attract positive things into your life by believing you already have what you want. With Capricorn being the sign of ambition in the zodiac, this full moon is a good occasion to manifest your most ambitious career goals. If you’ve got your eyes on a new job or looking to make a career switch, you can use the power of the Capricorn full moon to plant the seeds of these manifestations.

“Capricorn is incredibly strong-willed and able to achieve whatever it wants if it's willing to put in the work and stay focused on the long-term goal,” astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Bustle. “Coupled with the fact that we're in Cancer season right now, the first water sign, we're able to draw on our rich emotional worlds to feel the desire of what we want.” Ultimately, this lunation is about balancing the part of you that fears judgment and the part that wants you to fulfill your fullest potential. “This full moon might feel like you're crossing a threshold, where you finally stop caring about how others will view you, and you pursue what you believe will make you happy, no matter how it changes your reputation in the eyes of others,” says Marquardt.

Whether you’re fixated on feeding your inner CEO or moving cross country, use these July full moon manifestations to ring in the zealous lunation.

July Full Moon Manifestation Ideas

1. Walking Meditation

Capricorn’s planetary ruler is slow and steady Saturn, which is all about the journey. It’s a great time to get outside, appreciate the progress you’ve made, and focus on attracting the things you want by grounding yourself in nature. “Embrace the earthly energy of Capricorn by finding a long hike that you can slowly walk,” says Marquardt. “As you walk, consider the current status of your life and your material well-being. Put energy into your ambitions and what you hope to achieve for yourself in the coming weeks, months, and even years.”

2. Set Intentions & Express Gratitude

Creating intentions is one of the keys to manifesting. “Your intentions can be whatever feels right for you at the moment,” explains Marquardt. Focus on that job or sparkly new car you’ve been wanting to attract.

If you’re unsure of what intentions to set, Marquardt suggests using mealtime for inspiration. “By infusing your food and drinks with an intention, you're materializing your hopes and desires, and putting them inside of yourself to give you strength so you can actually embody the life you want to live,” Marquardt adds. Plus, lunch or dinner is a natural point in your day to reflect on what you’re grateful for that day, even if it’s just the food on your plate.

3. Deep Cleaning

Manifesting requires a clean and orderly space. Not only does an uncluttered place mitigate distractions while you concentrate on your practice, it also makes room for the things you want to manifest. “It's Cancer season after all, and Cancer has a deep respect for matters of the home,” explains Marquardt. “Capricorn is a well-organized sign, and full moons are a great time for release, so this is the perfect opportunity to declutter and spruce up your physical space.” Take the afternoon to get rid of items that no longer spark joy and think about what blessings you want to take their place.