4 May 2022 Full Flower Moon Rituals

It may be an eclipse, but you can still harness some lunar magic.

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Full moons are more than the grand finale of the lunar cycle. In astrology, they’re also periods of high energy and emotional tension, where moonbeams illuminate our hidden truths, desires, and feelings. Typically, the energy of full moons can be fuel for your manifestations, but since the May 2022 full flower moon — which arrives on May 15 — also happens to be an ultra-dramatic lunar eclipse, it’s best not to get obscured by this chaotic transit. Not only is Mercury retrograde shaking things up, but this lunation is moving into the transformative water sign, Scorpio, bringing huge transformations, changes of heart, and unexpected endings — meaning, it’s not the most ideal time to manifest. If you want to manipulate the lunar eclipse’s intense energy to work in your favor, you’ll want to practice these May full moon ritual ideas recommended by experts.

Manifesting is used in spiritual practices to bring your dreams to life through the law of attraction. In practice, it involves believing or acting as if you’re currently living the life you want. Typically, full moons make for a great time for introspection with powerful energy that can boost your manifestations, but May’s lunar eclipse is obfuscating our intentions and better judgment.

“Eclipses are obscuring the light, therefore they are revealing things to us,” Imani Quinn, astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS tells Bustle. “These revelations need our full attention, and if this time is used for manifesting, you may bring in unwanted intentions that are connected to your shadow self and not for your highest good.”

While actualizing your dreams isn’t recommended during an eclipse, there are exercises you can do to make the most of this powerful lunation. “It is best to receive the gifts of revelation, and wait till it is a suitable time celestially to bring in new energy,” Quinn explains.

If you’re still finding your footing with the emotional theatrics of the lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde, it may behoove you to know how to navigate the lunar eclipse’s turbulent waves.

May Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Just because manifesting during an eclipse is strongly advised against, doesn’t mean you can’t use the power of May’s full moon to strengthen the goals you’ve already set into motion. With this lunation casting a shadow over our intentions, using this time to restore clarity can be beneficial. Since Scorpio is all about secrets and hidden agendas, this could be a great time to explore your shadow side.

“The Scorpio energy is here to transform anything that isn’t working for you,” says Quinn. “With the unexpected surprises that the lunar eclipse brings it’s sure to be a big rebirth for many.”

The energy of this lunation is all about shedding parts of yourself that no longer serve you to help you make room for bigger blessings. Rather than speaking your dreams into existing, you’ll want to use the lunar eclipse to dig deep and get clarity on your needs and desires with these May full moon ritual ideas.

1. Revisit Your Past Manifestations

With Mercury retrograde making the collective reminisce, you might find it useful to channel nostalgic feelings to reflect on your goals. Using a pen and paper, focus on the long-term manifestations you’ve been working toward earlier this year. Next, write down habits, relationships, or hurt you’re ready to release. With a match, light your paper on fire over a bowl of water. “Once the paper has burned, place it in the water and recite your intentions out loud,” says Quinn. “Letting go of what no longer serves us is just as important as what we’re calling in so that we can make room when it is time to receive our blessings.”

2. Practice Fire Gazing

Saying goodbye is a huge theme in this lunar eclipse. Fire rituals are symbolic of release, so incorporating them into your manifestation practice can help you clear any residual negative energy. You can use a standard white candle for this exercise or one charged with a protective crystal, like Birthdate Co.’s Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle.

“Once the candle is lit, take some time to journal with the intention of keeping your heart open to the present moment,” explains Quinn. It can be difficult to navigate the unexpected changes, but centering your intention can help you move closer to your manifestations. “Be present and remain open — it’s a powerful act of surrender and release,” Quinn says.

3. Pull An Eclipse Tarot Spread

Eclipses are harbingers of shocking revelations, and Scorpio is all about what’s hidden underneath. Pulling tarot cards is a great way of getting clarity on your deep-seated needs. “If you’ve been feeling stuck or looking for a sign — this is a great way to seek some guidance and gain clarity,” astrologer Lauren Ash Lauren Ash tells Bustle. “Doing an eclipse tarot spread can be an illuminating way to receive information for the universe.”

While you pull your cards, focus on your manifestations. Ask your guides what needs to be released in order to move you closer to your dream life. You might ask something like, “What changes can I make to attract financial abundance?” To use your intuition or along with a tarot guide to decipher the card you pull, pay attention to associations you have with the images and archetypes of the card as they relate to your question. For example, if you’ve been splurging lately and pull the Hanged Man, which is a messenger of change, this could be your awakening to create a new budget to meet your financial goals.

4. Reprogram With Subconscious Affirmations

Scorpio represents the taboo things in life, like death, sex, and the occult. “Scorpio lives in the subconscious, so this lunation can bring subconscious activity to the surface,” Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer, tells Bustle. “It might illuminate your deepest thoughts, memories, and fears that you tend to avoid.” These doubtful thoughts may obscure your manifestations, so rewiring them can help you stay focused.

Rather than your typical affirmations — like, “I’m healthy, wealthy, and happy” — reframe them in the form of questions. “For example, you may ask, ‘Why is money always flowing to me effortlessly?’” says Marquardt. By affirming your manifestations with questions, you’re tricking your subconscious, which can help you attract what you want despite the topsy-turvy eclipse energy.

Scorpio energy is all about transformations. The best way to utilize lunar eclipse energy is to focus on releasing negativity and replacing it with openness and clarity. “When you allow yourself to clear out the clutter in your life, it makes way for exciting new opportunities, relationships, and dreams that you’d never thought possible,” says Ash.