How To Navigate May’s Full Flower Moon In Sagittarius

Start looking at the world with fresh eyes.

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The last full moon of springtime is en route, and it officially peaks on May 23 at 9:53 a.m. ET. This liberating lunation is a time to connect with your higher ideals and big-picture goals and free yourself of limiting dogmas and philosophies that no longer resonate with your journey. New adventures lie ahead and opportunities are all around you, and there are a few things all zodiac signs can do to better align with this auspicious energy.

The May 2024 full moon takes place in fiery and free-spirited Sagittarius, the sign symbolized by the cosmic archer. Like its zodiacal archetype, Sagittarius energy is all about taking your proverbial bow and arrow and fearlessly aiming it for the stars. This optimistic and open-hearted vibe encourages you to consciously seek new inspiration, experiences, and perspectives that can expand your worldview and deepen your sense of wisdom. Of course, to do that, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone, challenge your personal beliefs, and have a little faith — and this full moon is the perfect time to put these things into practice.

This lucky lunation is also known as the annual Flower Moon, and it’s blooming alongside some of the year’s most auspicious astrological moments, so there are exciting opportunities to take advantage of. Here are a few helpful do’s and don’ts when working with the May full moon energy.

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DO: Be Open To New Perspectives

Full moons can be incredibly revealing periods, elucidating spiritual insights and realizations. And because this one takes place in knowledge-seeking Sagittarius, it’s even more important to lean into this illuminating energy and be willing to see things from different perspectives. It’s easy to get into a groove where you’re always looking at the world through the same lens, shaped by your beliefs, opinions, and past experiences. While it’s good to have a strong point of view, getting stuck in a fixed mindset isn’t usually helpful — so keep an open mind and be willing to acknowledge other ways of looking at things.

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DON’T: Ignore Your Inner Truth

Everyone has a spiritual compass inside of them that can help guide them toward the people, opportunities, and choices that can facilitate meaningful growth in their lives. Under the rays of this full moon, it’s important to check in with yourself and ensure you’re feeling properly calibrated. If your heart is telling you something that your mind doesn’t necessarily agree with, take some time to sit with the feeling instead of writing it off. Sometimes the truth reveals itself in mysterious ways, and you must challenge yourself to evolve.

DO: Connect With Your Big-Picture Goals

While Gemini season has everyone focused on life’s little details, this full moon across the zodiac in worldly Sagittarius wants you to zoom out and look at your current trajectory from a bird's-eye view. Instead of being caught up in all of the day-to-day distractions and minutiae, take some time to think about your higher aspirations and start focusing on how you can reach your broader-scale goals.

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DON’T: Avoid Deep & Uncomfortable Feelings

The moon is making a powerful connection to the transformational planet Pluto, named after the Roman god of the underworld. This influence encourages you to dive into the far reaches of your psyche, unearthing hidden fears, feelings, and deep inner truths. It’s not always easy to face what lies beneath the surface, but bringing all that baggage into the light will bring you so much freedom — and that’s what this lunation is all about. Be willing to get real with your emotions.

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DO: Be Optimistic About Love & Romance

One of the most romantic astrological alignments of the year is taking place at the same time as this full moon, and it involves love planet Venus teaming up with abundant planet Jupiter, with some sweet cosmic support from mystical planet Neptune. This swirl of dreamy and amorous energy has the power to put all zodiac signs in a heart-eyed lavender haze, and it’s bringing a ton of luck to relationships of all kinds. Take a chance on love and let your inner hopeless romantic lead the way.

DON’T: Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone

This lunation isn’t nicknamed the Flower Moon for no reason! May’s full moon is all about growth, expansion, and shooting for the stars, so it’s not the time to stay inside your comfort zone. Push yourself to embrace new ideas, try new things, and let your guard down enough to feel optimistic about life’s endless possibilities. There’s so much beautiful astrology happening alongside this lunation, so you have every reason to hope for the best.