Everything You Need To Know About May's Full Flower Moon

Good things will blossom soon.

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If April showers bring May flowers, then it’s no surprise that this month’s brightest lunation is the annual Flower Moon. Rising on Thursday, May 23, the May full moon is a beautifully lush time to embrace positive thinking, broaden your perspective on your goals, and bring all of your springtime intentions into full bloom. All zodiac signs can work with the bourgeoning magic of this lunation, but knowing the spiritual meaning of May’s full Flower Moon will connect you with its energy even more deeply.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon sit opposite from each other in the zodiac each month, which allows the sun’s light to illuminate the moon in full. The upcoming full moon is taking place in the fun and free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, shining directly across from the sun in clever and curious Gemini. Like the face of the moon itself during this powerful lunar phase, full moon energy is known for bringing matters into the light, allowing you to see things and come to realizations that may not have been obvious before.

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Because this particular lunation happens to be the final full moon of spring, it’s also a good time to focus on releasing old ways of thinking and letting go of unhelpful attachments so that you can enter the summer with an open mind and heart.

If you want to take advantage of all that’s blossoming under this magical lunar moment, then understanding the spiritual meaning of the Flower Moon is a must.

The Flower Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

The Flower Moon is a nickname traditionally given to the full moon that takes place during May, and its origins sprout from the fact that an abundance of flowers are in full bloom in the Northern Hemisphere throughout this portion of the spring. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this lunation is also known by the Lakota people as the “Moon Of The Green Leaves,” and by the Mohawk people as “The Time Of Big Leaf” — all of which reference the themes of rebirth, renewal, and growth in nature that are prominent during this time of year.

The spiritual meaning of May’s full moon also reflects this growth-oriented energy, as it’s rising in the knowledge-hungry and aspirational sign of Sagittarius. This mutable fire sign is always looking to broaden its horizons and connect with a higher sense of truth, so this year’s Flower Moon will inspire you to do the same.

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It’s a time to focus on expanding your point of view and setting your sights on more meaningful goals in the name of spiritual, philosophical, and mental growth. During this full moon, a supportive lunar sextile to transformation planet Pluto encourages you to dig deep within yourself to find what feels true — and to leave behind what no longer resonates.

There’s also a gorgeously lush aspect happening opposite from the full moon, and that’s the Venus-Jupiter conjunction that peaks earlier in the day on May 23. Lover planet Venus and abundance planet Jupiter only meet in the zodiac once a year, but this particular alignment is extra special given that it’s taking place at the very last degree of Taurus — just before both of these benefic planets shift into Gemini and kick off a brand new cycle. The conjunction is also supported by the numinous planet Neptune, which gives any new opportunities that arise a mystical sparkle. Now’s a time to dream big and be optimistic about all that’s blossoming in your life.

How To Use The Moon’s Energy

The happy-go-lucky Sagittarian energy of the Flower Moon wants you to spread your wings and soar toward the highest heights your heart can dream of. But thanks to the influence of intense Pluto, you must be willing to dive into the most equally cavernous depths of your soul, too. Getting in touch with the true desires of your inner self can help you refine your goals to be more aligned with who you are. Because Sagittarius rules higher education and knowledge, Pluto’s subterranean influence can also push you to dive further into a new spiritual practice or subject of study piquing your interest for a while. Go on a deep dive and start exploring beyond the surface of something meaningful to you, even if it feels farfetched or a little outside your comfort zone.

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With the romantic Venus-Jupiter conjunction perfecting on the same day as the full moon, this is also a lush time for creating opportunities in the realms of love and money. This lucky aspect can bring depth and harmony to existing relationships or introduce some life-changing new ones — so planning a date night with a lover or mingling with other singles can be a great way to celebrate this special planetary alignment. And with spiritual Neptune in the cosmic mix too, this full moon is also a lovely time to work a love spell or a money manifestation to attract more romance and abundance into your life.