3 Manifestation Rituals To Try During May’s Full Moon

Banish your limiting beliefs.

How to manifest during the May full moon.
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Full moons are the climax point in the monthly lunar cycle, making them powerful moments to let go of things no longer serving you. That’s why full moons are such popular cosmic occasions for manifestation rituals. The May 2024 full moon is also known as the Flower Moon, and this lush lunation is rising on May 23 in the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, which will sprinkle some optimism over your goals and open your heart to new adventures.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that loves to take risks and set its sights on faraway horizons, so this lunar energy is very supportive of breaking out of your comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, and embracing new perspectives. When it comes to manifesting, look at your surroundings with fresh eyes, as you’re bound to see some opportunities you may have overlooked before. The May full moon is here to help you grow out of any outdated beliefs you may be subscribing to without realizing it, as these can shape the way you see the world — and perceive your limits — in a way that’s holding you back from your highest potential.

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This Flower Moon also reminds you that the most beautiful blossoms have deep roots — as this lunation is receiving a motivating push from subterranean planet Pluto, which could catalyze some deep emotional excavation. Additionally, benefic planets Venus and Jupiter are meeting for their annual conjunction on the same day as the full moon, bringing an abundance of luck, opportunity, and magic to matters of love and relationships.

If you’d like to get in touch with your spiritual side and use May’s full moon for manifestation purposes, here are a few simple rituals and activities to try that will give your intentions a powerful boost.

Banish Your Limiting Beliefs

The full moon is rising in fire sign Sagittarius, so working with the power of a flame can help heat up your manifestations and send them out into the universe. Light a candle to symbolize the start of your ritual, then grab some small pieces of paper. On each one, write out something you’re afraid of or want but feel is out of your reach. Dig deep and be honest!

Once that’s done, it’s time to dismantle these fears and limiting beliefs and replace them with some optimistic ones, in honor of this lucky lunar moment. One by one, grab the small pieces of paper and say a sentence aloud that acknowledges that the opposite possibility could be true. For example, if you wrote “I’m afraid I’ll never get the promotion I’ve been trying for,” you’d now say “I will be getting the promotion I’ve been trying for, or something even better.” These are your full moon mantras! Write each one down in a notebook, then place the smaller pieces of paper in a fire-safe dish and safely burn them, symbolically banishing these limiting narratives and making space for hope.

Make A Full Moon Flower Essence

Flower essences infuse water with the subtle energetic healing magic of different flowers, and these gentle elixirs can be spritzed around a room, added to a mystical bath, or used in a future moon ritual. Because this is the annual Flower Moon, it’s the perfect time to make your own and infuse it with your full moon intentions.

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While making a traditional flower essence requires a few more steps, you can make a simplified version using spring water, some brandy or glycerine, and flowers of your choice. Fill a large bowl with some spring water and add the buds of your chosen flower. Roses symbolize love and compassion, jasmine is great for seduction and romance, and geranium is great for releasing repressed feelings and having faith, to name a few. Bring the bowl outside and spend a few minutes meditating on your intentions for this full moon, envisioning these manifestations infusing into the water. Leave the bowl for a few hours during the day or night of the full moon. Once that’s done, strain out the flowers and fill a bottle halfway with the remaining water. Fill the other half of the bottle with brandy or glycerine, which acts as a preservative, and then use your flower essence to remind you of your intentions.

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Manifest Your Dream Lover

Thanks to the romantic conjunction between amorous Venus and lucky Jupiter that’s happening on the same day as the full moon, this is the perfect time for those looking for love to manifest a dream partner. Put on a swoon-worthy playlist with all your favorite love songs, light a sensual-smelling candle, and then list all the qualities you want in an ideal relationship or lover. Instead of focusing your intention on a person you’re lusting after, think in more general terms — such as how you’d like them to make you feel, physical qualities you like, and other traits that you find attractive. The current astrology is bringing luck in love, so you never know when you’ll meet your perfect match.

If you’re already in a relationship, this can be a beautiful time to connect with your current partner for some joint manifestations. Make a list of shared goals for your relationship, and discuss how you can support one another as you pursue your individual intentions, too. It’s a date night and a moon ritual all wrapped into one.