The October 2022 New Moon's Spiritual Meaning, Explained

Endings and beginnings go hand in hand.

The October 2022 new moon spiritual meaning, explained.
Margaret Flatley

As the new moon on Oct. 25 officially ushers us back into the chaotic and unpredictable portal of eclipse season, it’s clear this spooky time is really living up to its name. This upcoming lunation is a partial solar eclipse, so it’s going crack open some of the deep and mysterious caverns of our hearts that we’ve yet to explore. The spiritual meaning of the October 2022 new moon solar eclipse is bringing heart-centered transformations for all zodiac signs, so it’s important to trust the universe and roll with the uncertainty.

New moons are the rebirth point in the monthly lunar cycle, and that’s why they’re astrologically thought of as a good time for new beginnings and setting fresh intentions. However, October’s new moon is also a solar eclipse, so it’s charged with a much more chaotic and fated energy. During a solar eclipse, unforeseeable shifts in our path can take place very quickly, and new opportunities can materialize seemingly out of thin air. And because this month’s eclipse takes place in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 new moon eclipse can help reveal the truth in our desires and transform our values.

Read on for the full scoop on the mystical meaning of the October new moon solar eclipse.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of October’s New Moon?

October’s new moon is the first eclipse to hit since spring — and this Halloween-adjacent lunation is likely to reactivate the themes of the lunar eclipse in Scorpio that took place on May 15. Think back to what was happening in your life at that time for clues as to what this upcoming eclipse may catalyze. It might give you a preview as to what sorts of events or continued storylines might transpire in your life under October’s big eclipse moment, which will help you prepare.

During the eclipse, the sun and moon will be wrapped up with love planet Venus in a perfect conjunction aspect, and all three celestial bodies will be situated at exactly 2º of Scorpio in the zodiac. Venus is the planetary ruler of our values, relationships, luxuries, and more — so expect these themes to come forward in a major way during this lunation. Power dynamics are shifting now, and your heart’s desires may take on an entirely refreshed tone. It’s a time to unearth secrets and suppositions from the deepest crevasses of your personal values systems, and potentially turn over a new leaf in relationships, too.

This lunar alignment also activates the South Node of Fate, which is currently in Scorpio — and that nodal connection is exactly what differentiates a solar eclipse from a regular new moon. While solar eclipses are associated with fast-paced beginnings and sudden opportunities, the past-oriented South Node also has the ability to flush things out of our lives that are no longer serving us. The spiritual meaning of this solar eclipse reminds us that endings and beginnings go hand in hand. For example, the sudden end of a bad relationship may simultaneously create space for a more fulfilling one, or a shocking change of heart could wind up leading you toward a more auspicious path.

How To Work With The October New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy

While new moons are usually considered an auspicious time for moon magic and intention-setting rituals, the powerful unpredictability of a solar eclipse creates an exception to the rule — and that’s why manifesting during eclipse season is not recommended. Instead, focus on getting in touch with your spiritual side to help you weather the potential twists and turns of this lunation’s effects. The mystical and intuitive energy of Scorpio season is perfect for summoning our inner witches, so gather with your favorite coven of besties for a heart-centered crystal meditation or do some solo candlelit journaling to work through your feelings and keep yourself grounded. This eclipse also falls just a few days before Halloween, aligning with the Pagan celebration of Samhain — aka the Witches’ New Year — so using the introspective energy of the eclipse for a seasonally-themed Halloween ritual can be fun, too.

In order to truly connect with the spiritual meaning of October’s new moon solar eclipse, you have to be willing to face the truth within your heart and get real with yourself and others. Now is a time when toxic patterns in partnerships may be suddenly interrupted, or you may come to terms with some hidden feelings or freshly-developed desires that change your path — so stay present with your emotions and be honest with yourself, even when it’s uncomfortable or scary. Either way, eclipse season requires us to listen to our hearts and trust in the universe’s mysterious plan, so be open to life’s surprises and opportunities. Ultimately, while eclipses can feel destabilizing, Scorpio’s transformational zodiac energy will help us to face the eye of this eclipse storm with grace, trust, and a sense of personal empowerment.