15 Fun Personality Quizzes The Whole Group Chat Can Take Together

Including the one TikTok’s obsessed with.

A group of young adults having a sleepover and taking personality quizzes with friends.
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You and your core crew of best friends might have a lot in common (which bonds you into besties) but your personalities might be very different. Though you and your BFFs might be able to finish each other’s sentences, have the same drive thru order, and watch all of the same shows, you definitely don’t have to be a lot like each other, to like each other a lot. While it might be obvious who’s who in the group — the mother hen, the group therapist, the party starter — there are tons of more nuanced fun personality quizzes to take with friends that will make for a very illuminating night in with the crew. You can confirm or own up to the fact that you really are the neurotic mom of the group.

IRL and in your group chat, it's apparent that every friend group has a unique cast of characters. It's always a mix of extroverts, introverts, bohemians and neurotics all with something to teach the other. From Friends to Firefly Lane, we’ve seen countless examples of diverse personality types vibing together through the years. Female friendships are just that dynamic.

All your friends are unique. And yet it's sometimes these differences that make you all fit together. Grab the cheese doodles from the pantry and gather around the computer to throw it back to the grand slumber parties of the '90s. These fun personality quizzes are the perfect prompts to giggle over each other's key character traits and reconnect in surprising ways. It's just like getting together to play Dream Phone, but all grown up. Here are 15 personality quizzes to take with friends during your next hang or Zoom date:

Personality Perfect Quiz

Personality Perfect is a quick — 10 minutes, tops — quiz that asks a number of straight forward questions to determine what type you are according to the Myers-Briggs personality types. There's also lengthy literature describing how your type interacts with the world around you. It's a lot of insight into what makes your friend group unique.

Personality Type Quiz

Get comfortable, because this personality quiz has 100 questions for you to answer. But who doesn't love cozying up to their phone or computer to answer a few questions about themselves these days? There are a number of other quizzes like what Stranger Things child represents your inner kid that could be fun to take. Are you such an Eleven or Dustin?

Party Personality Quiz

You can get more specific with your personality to drill down into which “you” shows up in different settings. If you're all already confident that you ~know~ your personalities, find out what your party personality is or your holiday personality. Hey, we all change a little bit with the seasons.

10-Question Personality Test

A simple 10 questions answered, and you're on your way to figuring out what kind of friend you are. Compare your results with your besties in real time and find out just how accurate this quiz is.

Dominant Character Trait Quiz

Admittedly not based on scientific research and evidence, these quizzes are solely for entertainment. Personalities are elaborate, but this quiz gives you results for your dominant character trait — things like, impulsivity, greed, or ambition.

First Impressions Quiz

Ever wonder what people think when you walk into a room? offers a First Impressions quiz consisting of a mere four questions to figure that information out.

EN Personalities Test

While some of these quizzes may be for fun, the EN Personalities quiz by Entity Mag is more like a legitimate test. Similar to Myers-Briggs personality test, the questions and results are, according to the women’s leadership publication, "the combination of psychologist Carl Jung's theory of psychological types and the subsequent Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers." Entity also conducted their own research and surveys to better detect the personality types of for young women. You'll have to sign up to get your results.

Highly Sensitive Person Test

Do you cry just thinking about The Notebook? You might be a seriously sensitive person. Thankfully, there's a quiz to see just how sensitive you are.

Aptitude Test For Strengths & Weaknesses

Want to locate your strengths and weaknesses? In just 84 questions you can zero in on what you and your friends share in common when it comes to this dichotomy. And then you can see where you make each other stronger. This will also reveal what makes your friends the absolute best.

Big Five Personality Test

This test may cost $29 a pop, but, according to Truity, a personality and career test publisher, which hosts the test, "this test is based on the Five Factor model of personality, the most widely accepted theory of personality today." The results are likely to be accurate as its "formulated by psychologists and used in professional research settings." If you and your friends are serious about getting to the workings of yourselves and each other better, taking this test together could make a great friend-anniversary present.

VIA Survey

Keep it ~good vibes only~ with the VIA Survey, which is a self assessment that reveals your best character traits and qualities. According to the VIA Institute on Character, the VIA Survey is regarded as a central tool of positive psychology and has been used in hundreds of research studies and taken by over five million people."

If you and your friends are gathering to hang out, you're going to want only the nice results to keep the mood boosted. VIA Survey, which is free and takes less than 15 minutes, can do just that.

Personality Color Test

There’s a lot to learn about yourself from the way you rank your colors, according to the Test Color personality quiz. This exercise asks you to first select colors from a grid, choosing favorite to least favorite. Then, you do the same exercise, but starting with the colors you don’t like. The speed of your choices and the pattern of ranking then translates into a series of characteristics, like your dynamism, your communication skills, leadership strength, and more. The results were formulated by a group of psychologists, mathematicians, and psychoanalysts, and there are over 50 million different combinations of results. So you and your friends will likely score differently and have a lot to talk about.

The SAPA Project Test

The Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment (SAPA) might be the quiz of all quizzes to take with friends. This test is geared to assess both temperament (similar to personality), and the way you relate to others. What this means is that if you take this test with friends, you’ll be able to compare your results to not only understand your connection to each other better, but also see how the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete and is confidential.

The Music Personality Test

If you and your friends can’t ever agree on who should get the aux cord, it could be that you have different needs and expectations when it comes to picking music. The Musical Personality Quiz helps you find the best kind of music to listen to based on the experience you’re looking for, rather than what you think you like. For example, if you want to feel relaxed after listening to music, or you want to listen to something that’s enjoyable at a lower decibel, or are in the mood for something that goes with the feel of a glass of vino, you might have a classical music profile, even if you think you’re hungry for folk. This is a fun quiz to take with friends because you can pick the music based on the majority results.

The TikTok Color Personality Test

Unlike the Test Color quiz, the Color Personality Test (which is super popular on TikTok) asks you a series of questions about how you might behave or feel in a variety of scenarios and then assigns you a color and personality profile based on your results. The color you are assigned is not only a color that’s meant to suit you, but also an identifier you can use to find like-minded friends. As far as fun personality quizzes to take with friends go, this test is super simple and will really up your bond with anyone who prove to be your color twin.